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10th November 2005, 12:55 PM
This technique I have to ascribe to my friend Oliver (AOk). Basically, it allows for one to feel the energy around them by placing certain things inside the personal energy field. For example place your hand about 1" over your third eye (brow chakra) and it is possible for it to activate.

I've noticed that the energy body responds when something draws close to it, if done slowly. I used a spoon (surprisingly this is an effective object) to draw closer to my third eye and was able to feel the distance away from my forehead with my eyes closed. I moved it back and forth (slow) and was able to "feel" its location and movement. I then applied this method to my arm and did not have as much success but nonetheless I did feel something.

This method seems to be possible as both a method to activate energy body awareness and to manipulate energy (as well as the benefit or possibility of having a sense of what is around your personal space).

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13th November 2005, 03:54 AM
Most energy healing systems use this principle to find where the disturbances are in other peoples' energy fields. In reiki 1, this is usually the first skill you learn after getting attuned to the energy.

The field that you feel one inch away is the first layer of the aura. There are two more further out that can be field without too much trouble, each one being more subtle then the last. When using auric vision I can see more layers, but as of yet I have only directly, with my hands, felt the three.

Also, I have also found that this is the best way to open up the third eye of a person who has never felt energy before. Putting energy into their hands with a powerful ki ball is another good option.

*I have also had fun closing my eyes and having someone write words into my aura with their finger, and being able to tell them what they wrote.