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10th November 2005, 07:49 PM
Lucid Dreams Are OBE Launch Pads

Joint Efforts Increase Success Rates

Lucid Dreams Are OBE Launch Pads | Joint Efforts Increase Success Rates Scientific Experiment Version 1.1
By lkjewr


I have observed several times now that lucid dreams make effective, near-effortless, and practical launch pads for OBE.

I. Become lucid in the dream state

II. Clearly establish lucidity and self-awareness; staring at the hands helps

III. Using the dream hands and arms as leads, roll to the side and out of the body (but apparently any movement, spinning, sitting up, etc., will do)

I have also observed that when working to assist or lead/motivate others my success rate at reaching an altered state is higher.

IV. Create a space and/or scenario to allow for mutually progressive yet flexible joint practice and experimentation (this publication is part of this)

V. Clearly encourage the option of mutual sharing of experiences and results, which should accelerate the development and progression of all involved (I encourage you to share your experiences and results by posting them on the message board, as everyone should progress faster and surer- we’ll all have more info/data to work with, and more support to work with)

Becoming aware in a semi-sleep/semi-dream state is also effective. I’ve once become aware in the morning before fully awakening from sleep. I became aware to the perception of hazy semi-dream visual phenomenon, and simply moved to cause displacement from the physical body. I’ve also a few times remained aware enough while going into sleep (or into meditation or relaxation or OBE practice) and perceived the visual phenomena forming, and after the visual phenomena was semi-dream-like I moved to complete displacement


Hypotheses: The reason dreams work as launch pads for OBE is because during dreams the disconnection of the nonphysical body from the physical body has already occurred. Since the disconnection has already occurred, the only thing necessary to displace or make distance between the physical and nonphysical bodies is to move. Becoming lucid in the dream enables the conscious awareness necessary to do conscious movement away from the physical body.

The imagery (visual phenomenon associate with deep meditation and semi sleep states) is a pre-dream phenomenon. If aware of imagery while going into sleep or while waking from sleep, relaxing and focusing into the imagery would start it back to deepening towards a dream (towards another disconnection from the physical body). When the imagery is deep enough (to a semi-dream to dream degree of depth), one can simply carry on just as would be done if one had become aware in the middle of a dream- by moving. (In the case of becoming aware in a semi-sleep state, attempting to stare at dreams hands for stabilization of state may be unnecessary.) The only difference in this scenario would be that you watched as the dream took form or caught it as the dream was ending.


Prediction: I predict that continued use of lucid dreams as OBE launch pads develops the ability to OBE from waking. I hypothesize that this occurs due to the natural effect of becoming habitually aware in deeper states of consciousness (lucid dreams. Since the lucid dreams are used as launch pads to OBEs, this means one will practice being habitually aware while out of the body and during pre- and post-OBE states. Thus, eventually awareness will habitually continue lucid upon going to sleep, rather than necessitating becoming aware after already asleep. Retaining awareness would thus regularly and eventually always allow the option of taking advantage of semi-dream and dream states directly, from the waking state.



**Regularly practice lucid dream producing exercises to foster lucidity in the primary experimental state (lucid dream) or one of the variation experimental states (pre-dream, post-dream, or deep meditative):

A) Regularly stare at hands throughout the day, or do any other actions or queues that you may habitually do (or make a habit to do) as a test for lucidity and to discover whether you are waking or dreaming

B) Regularly question whether you are dreaming or awake, and do so with conviction and sincerity

C) Keep detailed dream journals to help develop dream recall, and thus dream lucidity

D) Practice remaining aware and focused during the day, so a habit of awareness can be formed that carries over into the dream state

E) Staring at the hands during the dream while consciously centering awareness and focus, and asserting the goal of moving away from the physical body, stabilizes lucidity and supports projection-readiness

F) Use each lucid dream state as launch pad for OBE, moving past the dream by displacing away from the physical body within ten seconds of becoming lucid, so as to not to miss the opportunity- which would still allow ten seconds to explore the lucid dream if desired (This time duration can be decreased accordingly if losing lucidity or losing the dream state is an issue for you; this time duration can be increased accordingly if you can maintain dreams and lucidity well)

G) Make detailed notes of each days’ dream lucidity level so as to track progress – 1 (completely dreaming) to 10 (fully to super lucid)

H) Remember that since lucid dreams are being used as an OBE launch pad, increases in dream lucidity, dream strength, and lucidity frequency increases OBE frequency; and perhaps OBE lucidity and OBE strength also

I) Regularly practice some form of meditation: (A suggested method is to do rhythmic breathing meditations)

J) Practice imagining and visualizing staring at the hands upon going to sleep, to foster either remaining conscious into or regaining consciousness when coming out of a variation experimental state, or to help in remembering to become lucid and stare at the hands for stabilization during the primary experimental state

**Organize the experiment’s information and parameters in a practical way and make freely and widely available to allow as wide a joint-experimental base as possible (This publication is fulfillment of this). Record as much data as possible from (all) experiments:

A) First make a control: What is your success rate now?

B) Keep track of your progress! : This will illustrate how your skill level increases if it does

C) Please post your results, statistics, journals, and/or whatever else you would like to share, right on your respective message board – Everyone will benefit by learning from everyone and inspiring and supporting everyone

D) Be patient and consistent!

E) Check back often for updates to the experiment outline (Version #)

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Supporting Quotes from Literature

“When natural sleep projection occurs, the real-time body drifts out of its physical body and hovers just above it, often mimicking its sleeping position.” Astral Dynamics, p 277, 1999

“People have told me that they can see the aura of their partners while these people are asleep. Actually, they are not seeing the aura at all, even though it looks as if they are. What they are seeing is the astral double, which moves very slightly out of the body in sleep. In the dream state, the astral body often moves right out of the physical body and floats ten or twelve inches above it (6)… The astral body often floats above the physical body in the dream state (7).” Astral Travel for Beginners, pp 6, 7, 2002

* If you have additional supporting quotes or supporting personal experience please post them~
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** Potential future experimental subject: Does remaining habitually aware naturally develop the ability to cause pre-OBE, OBE, and post-OBE states, rather than having to wait for them to come?