View Full Version : the color aura viewing tool - chasing after boxes???

24th November 2005, 09:34 AM

I've tried Mr. Bruce's aura viewing technique and have had a really promising start with being able to see my own aura if I look at a hand or foot against a white background. What started out as a thin, pale blueish white band (which I had a nice confirmation of reading later as being the etheric aura) eventually with practice deepened into a beautiful green glow that did not flash or drag as an afterimage if I looked away. I was able to see this in several different environments. (And let me just say, the early successes of this method just blows me away after squinting and blinking and tossing books out in the trash after a week of headaches and no auras)

So I went back to try to use the online aura tool and am having the darnedest time; basically I'm getting buried in after images. I look at a blue box on a white background, and within only a few seconds am blinking/flashing away those stupid yellow boxes. I'm finding this terribly distracting, and somewhat dispiriting as now I'm swamped by doubts that all I've been seeing previously was simply more subtle after imaging. The yellow boxes can melt quite convincingly around the blue box if I don't move my vision. The only thing that seems to be giving me hope is that the yellow aura I do seem to be seeing around the blue box isn't box-shaped. Is there a better way to separate out the after-imaging or is it a necessary evil? I'm almost tempted to not use the props for that reason, but I have a strong desire to see the correct color auras.