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24th November 2005, 08:45 PM
i have only recently gotten into energy work though i have raised energy into a primary chakra before and experienced strange phenomena (while sober).
anyway, the past week i had been playing around with my energy and trying to increase energy levels using a technique i read about online (masturbating without climax).
i wanted to chill out one night so i took a vicodin and smoked some high grade pot. at first i felt quite energized and social but then i felt energy waves all over my body and rushing and spiking up to my head. along with this i began to feel paranoid and delusional.
the energy spiked into my skull and my third eye and i witnessed a red eye surrounded by darkness. i was very scare and i felt like whatever this energy in my third eye was about to show me or do to me i was not ready to handle or ready to learn. i knew i had to pusht he energy back down into my lower body and i was afraid of falling asleep and losing control over the energy. the next day i could still feel tingling in my third eye area.
the red eye really scared me.
my questions are:
how safe and effective are the energy increasing (stimulation w/o climax) techniques i have been using? do i lose energy when i orgasm?
what does the red eye mean?
what might have happened if i let the energy flow fully into that area?
what are the effects of various drugs (but pot in particular) on subtle energy and energy levels?
what advice do u have for me to develop and balance my energy and nadis/chakras?


24th November 2005, 10:49 PM
On the pot topic .. I have found that smoking pot (high grade or otherwise, but especially grass) creates 1. Intense energy movement sensations in the body 2. Allows me to to really "feel" the movment of energy i.e. during energy raising /full body circuits BUT 3. messes up my concentration to such an extent that I just seem to phase out/lose time when doing the excercises. Also, smoking pot ruins completely my ability to recall my dreams in the morning so I get a sense of detachmennt and loss-of-memory of whatever I dreamt about. For these reasons I dont use pot anymore.

Cant say about the red colour....though I think you say it yourself: If you felt paranoid (a common side effect of pot smoking) and not ready to handle what you experienced, then you should maybe listen to what your body/mind is telling you. Take it slow, do it sober, alwayys and that way you can develop your energy body in a steady way and keep hold of your mental control too. No short cuts in my experience :wink: BTW: Nothing against pot - smoked it for 30 years. It just doesnt, in my opinion, mix constructively with what energy work/OBE. 8)

25th November 2005, 01:22 AM
I'm not sure what the red eye sensation is, but could you post your technique you read about (masterbation w/o orgasm) so as to see if it offers any sort of validity. Yes, orgasm does decline energy but alot of it has to do with the belief you have in it, it's not going to take you out of it for most the day if you do. But do post this technique, I know alot of so called 'tantric sex' techniques that are just ploys for making a few dollars.


25th November 2005, 05:00 AM
in my search for energy work i found a lot of the information geared towards women and all this talk about femine energy. i did a search on google for male energy, and this was the first link that showed up:

i tried the technique and i seem to have greater "energy" in that etheric sense. this may however be purely psychological though i suspect its more than that. or it may be because ive been focusing on my energy body more lately. i did also note that though i felt this more etheric energy, when i went to the gym to lift this past week i did not feel as strong and i fatigued more quickly.

After exploring this guys website, he seems to be far from the type of person i'd want any kind of advice from. nonetheless, the technique seems to work, and its pleasurable and i doubt it can do any serious harm. i'd like to try other techniques as well but i often find it hard to sit down and meditate.

25th November 2005, 05:58 AM
The best information on the net on the topic of spiritual sex and the male orgasm is, by far, Michael Winn & Mantak Chia's book "Taoist Secrets of love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy."

If you use bittorrent: http://www.kungfu-torrents.com/tracker/index.php?cat=9
That site requires a password, but it is free and they do not send you spam or anything.

Other then that, drugs and energy work do mix, but they can be a very dangerious combination. If you want to explore, it should be done after you have a very very strong meditational foundation, a well developed energy body, and a happy, relaxed home and work life. And even then, it is probably not a good idea. But if you do otherwise it will just mess you up.

(Drugs can open you up and leave you totally defensless. Hopefully that eye was not a negitive entity of some sort.)

Good luck to you.

25th November 2005, 06:31 AM
well, as far as i know, if it werent for a bit of drug experimentation (with both extremely positive and extremely negative results) i would never have discovered spirituality. regardless, i don't use drugs to consciously try to do any energy work, it just happened. after this i intend to be far more careful and while i enjoy drugs i dont want them to interfere with my social, work, or spiritual life and i guess ill give em up if thats whats necessary. im truly afraid of psychedelics though ive had some profound experience that only now ive been able to understand more fully. i just like to chill out and smoke pot and have a few beers to relax, with or without my friends around. i try to exercise and eat well to stop any physical damage from any bad habits i cultivate, but now theres the added concern of my "etheric body" and i really dont know how best to protect it.
im not exclusively interested in energy work regarding sex, and since i dont have a girlfriend (let alone someone who shares my interest in this stuff) right now its not practical. i just happened to find this technique. all i really want is to be happy and have more power over all aspects of myself and my life and i figure energy work is my best bet. i also figure it will have many benefits in areas of my life outside of the psychospiritual. its so hard to find information that is both practical and understandable and free of dogmatic baggage and though i still push the limits from time to time, i worry that just jumping in without a proper framework can do some damage. i really dont know what kind of forces im working with but the crazy thing is, i doubt anyone really does.