View Full Version : Please share your story as to how/why you became a healer

6th March 2008, 12:29 PM
I would love to hear everyone's story.

I am not a healer yet, but am feeling the call.

9th March 2008, 06:10 AM
I had reiki initiations to boost up my energetic development. Healing abilities come with the package. :)

25th June 2008, 12:46 PM
I've only made the reiki level I. Twice, actually, but never had the patiente to work those 21 days straight. Anywho, I have little experience in healing, and I personally find it daunting, maybe because of my impatience, but I do feel the nedd to listen and talk with people and I mostly try to help them on a mental level, change their perspectives, etc. I find it a lot easier for me to just spend a talking session from where people come out a lot happier than before. Don't know if it's qualified as healing, but there must be something I'm doing. I find it more enduring, although not as obvious as a "real" healing session (like pain gone and such). The few committed healing sessions I've performed I've had the notion I was actually doing something, but since it was general body work (with reiki) I couldn't pinpoint a single effect other than "I feel relaxed a lighter".

The idea of healing, I like a lot, like I can feel some king of huge "healing energy pool" when I try to grasp the concept of healing, and it feels really good. Now to learn to tap that energy pool effectively... That would be the next step in line. I don't consider myself a healer per se, but I'm more focused on personal healing and development. Are you a healer when you don't heal others?

25th June 2008, 03:49 PM
I’ve always been interested in helping people. I’ve always done it through my astrology trying to empower those with little understanding of themselves. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a couple years ago and recently I found a Reiki Master locally – we both hit it off from the start and I received attunement to 1st degree Reiki last month. I have been doing the self treatments for a month since then. I gave my husband his first session last night – his back was hurting badly from twisting the wrong way at work.. long story short he called me not too long ago and said he just realized how much BETTER his back felt! Needless to say that made my day!! :D

29th July 2008, 11:16 PM
Ohh, boy. Can I relate to this or what... :)

I wouldn't actually call my self a healer, BUT I have healed pains, and perhaps helped the regeneration of wounds and sources of pains.
You asked; "how you became a healer". Well I never actually became one, but felt I was always one. I remember being about maybe 8 or 9 or something, and that's when I first stopped someone's pain. Then, years after, I did it again. And now, I'm 19, I've been experiencing my capability of healing or stoppinig pains, much more. Example: I've stopped a friend's toohache in 2 - 3 mnutes.
I don't know if any of the people who I've helped this way actually lied to me when they said: "ye the pain is gone, I'm feeling better now." But it certainly seemed like it worked.
You asked; "Why you became a healer", I don't know if there is a "why" to it. I would ask rather ask myself, why do I keep doing it. keep doing it because I feel like I have something that eveyone looks up to and views as unique. Also because I feel that differ from others, and that I got a special ability. As evil, amateur, and foolish as it may sound, all those reasons of mine, are true. The one thing I also do it for, is because the thought that I stop someone's struggle, feels extremely good.
I'm probably going to take this further than just stopping pains, or helping the regeneration of wounds.

30th August 2008, 05:48 PM
How: I use a telepathic connection with the person. It is always in the form of distance healing. I do not need a picture or a name. I can identify a person's energy signature. My connection with them is through their higher-self, soul self, subconscious self, and some level of their conscious self. The intent is to identify the energetic cause of the particular illness. The desire is not necessarily to make an illness go away but to understand its presence and purpose in one's life. In my view, real healing is up to the person who has chosen an illness. I facilatate a way for them to understand the purpose of their illness. I work directly with the cause energy. This is rooted in the subconscious as a result of conscious choices of intent very few are able to appreciate.

Why: In my view, everything is about love. Self love is all inclusive. For me the I AM extends to all of humanity and All That IS.


17th December 2008, 11:32 PM
I became interested in energy healing after I was hit by a car in a crosswalk. The car that struck me was going about 30 miles per hour, but I came away amazingly all right: only a skull fracture, road rash, and a very sore back. In the hospital, a stranger came to see me from a nearby shop (who witnessed the accident) and told me that the last three people hit in that crosswalk were partially paralyzed. I didn't see the car coming, but I remember flying through the air after the collision and a voice inside me said I'd be okay. The woman who hit me went into shock and the paramedics and doctors were flabbergasted that my heart rate never sped up. The moment I hit the ground I began deep breathing and I told the woman who hit me -- who was hysterical because I was bleeding all over the pavement -- "I forgive you."

After I got out of the hospital a friend offered me a Reiki healing. I had seen a book of his on Reiki a few months earlier and I was skeptical of it. During the session, however, I felt a strong surge and a release from my heart center. I instantly got teary-eyed. My eyes were closed and I opened them to see what my friend was doing and he wasn't even touching me. His hands were six inches over my heart.

A few weeks later my dad asked me if I had heard of Reiki. It turns out he'd been studying it. So I took a class from the same teacher he had met -- who I had actually met a year earlier at a state fair when she sold me a light and sound relaxation device.

Like the other posters, though, I can see how I've always been a caretaker, i.e., the one friends to go to get things off their chest, etc.

20th December 2008, 10:59 PM
I'm becoming more than a healer becuase I like it so much. So I'm trying to learn everything, from Shamans, to druids... Depossesion.. Time travel, figgen projecting to other dimensions... All kinds of crazyness.

Its so great! Healing is fun too! I love it.

21st December 2008, 02:29 AM
I don't consider myself a healer as such, however, just after Christmas time last year my older sister came to my house and asked me to help her heal the Crohns disease that was afflicting her. I told her that I was into lucid dreaming and astral projection, healing wasn't what I did. She had had an very unpleasant operation to treat an ulcer and she just wanted me to have a go. So, I tried.

Nothing earth-shaking happened. I got a couple of intuitions, which she subsequently followed up on. One of these was that her dog was helping with her physical health and that she should cuddle her often. While I'm very attuned to energy sensations, I can't say I felt anything significant in terms of energy movement.

She said she went into remission immediately after this. The last time I spoke to her, a couple of months ago, she was still symptom-free.

I haven't exactly become a healer but it's a very interesting experience to add to the list of very interesting experiences.