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10th June 2005, 06:43 PM

I am having difficulty in understanding the sponging action and the water effect that goes along with it.

Do I visualize water going INTO my body part as I move the sponge over the area (I guess squeezing the sponge?), or visualize water coming out and being soaked up into the sponge, or just moving like waves in sync with the movement?



10th June 2005, 07:12 PM
That's a pretty good question, I've wondered the same thing for quite some time.

I found it better to not think that there was water or energy in the sponge, but that the sponge *itself* was awareness-energy being pulled through my limbs, following their curves and shapes etc.

10th June 2005, 07:27 PM
You'll want to feel the action versus visualize. In the beginning stages you may only be able to feel at the surface of your skin, but with continual practice your body awareness will travel deeper and deeper into your body eventually reaching the point where you will be able to feel the entire segment of the body that you are working on. The sponging action you are describing is just a simple tool to use to help people to feel for and stimulate energy. If it helps for you to actually visualize a sponge squeezing water throughout your limbs, it would be a good start to get the feeling, but you will want to move past visualization as soon as you can. If that is the case you'd want to visualize the sponge moving the water into your limbs going towards whichever direction you are going.

Taking your leg as an example, you will want to focus your awareness and intention on the specific body part and recreate a feeling of flowing water. It may end up feeling like a buzzing sensation, electric current or a soft breeze. For me, I get a feeling of flowing water along with a tingling/buzzing sensation when feeling for energy movement. If you have ever sponged yourself while taking a bath, you can begin by using the sensations felt while you cleaned yourself and recreating that feeling using your awareness and intention alone.

Start at the surface of the skin and don't worry if you cannot go any deeper, over time you will be able to feel all the way into your bones. Let your awareness travel up or down the leg feeling for any and every sensation as you go. If you are new to energy work or have a lot of energy blockages you may not feel anything for a while, but keep at it and as blockages are released your body will open up and be more susceptible to feeling the energy move.

10th June 2005, 07:46 PM
Howdy, I know for me in the beginning I had big problems with the feeling vs. visualization thing. The main problem being that I couldn't with body awareness, even if I highlighted the area. So I used visualization in the beginning and then the feeling came. Now I have to visualize for the first few minutes while I get everything activated and going but after that I can pretty much go off of feel alone. For me the hardest thing to do without being able to feel is by far the sponging method. So for me I still usually hold off on sponging and even bouncing methods until I put in a good 15-20 minutes of stirring and brushing actions. Hope that helps.

10th June 2005, 08:03 PM
I find it easier to feel the sponge if I imagine that it's a big, thick one that takes up the entire width of wherever it is in my body (although I usually imagine two seperate ones the width of my thighs when I get to my torso, since I've never seen a sponge that big and couldn't possibly imagine what that feels like).

10th June 2005, 09:41 PM
I actually started using the sponging action by trying to feel myself holding a sponge filled with water with my awareness hands. Unfortunately in the beginning, this was a bit to difficult, so I started simply feeling the sponge moving through my body.

Also, thanks for the detailed post Dan36oy!

10th June 2005, 10:36 PM
Wow...this is all very helpful. Actually, I am able to feel the superficial movement of energy following the sponge but I can't visualize the process. Now I realize I was doing something right and am making progress!

Thanks for all your responses.

12th June 2005, 10:20 PM
Dear friends...
I haven't problem (with the sponging action) to report, but, I've observed that you uses the term "visualizing". I advices to you, following RB's teachings, that "visualizing" mental act is the seed of a high rate of failure. RB replaces the concept "visualization" (that's associated to visual imagination) by "tactil imagination". So, you must to remember sensations related with dragging spong absorbed with water onto the skin of your legs, arms, torso, etc.. Then, rehearse act of dragging spong absorbed with water, is more easy to achieve.

I'm sorry if at the time of talk about "visualization" you would want to mean "tactil imaging".

Natalia Parker

13th June 2005, 01:17 PM
Hi Natalia,
I actually combine the two, as I practiced visualization techniques for a few years before I knew about tactile imaging. While TI works better for me now, I find sometimes that my mind automatically adds visualization to the process. It can cause some problems, but is actually quite easy to work around, and I find the combination of the two works best for me.

13th June 2005, 08:54 PM
Hi Rydel...
About automatics addings of the mind I've observed something similar during pulling of the rope at start of exit. I've observed my arms like faint shadows (like a phantom).
And when I try to clear my mind of such appearances, the effectiveness of pulling action decreases.
I think that's sequel of the visual capabilities of mind eye and its occurrence is some I don't must to avoid. A let's go policy is the most natural and smart.
My Best Wishes...
Natalia Parker

13th June 2005, 09:43 PM
I think that's sequel of the visual capabilities of mind eye and its occurrence is some I don't must to avoid. A let's go policy is the most natural and smart.

Indeed, sometimes the best approach seems to be "If it works, do it."

Not for everything, but for this it has been helpful. :wink:

21st June 2005, 01:45 AM
I was clear that energy work is not visualisation but more re-creating the feeling of touch - tactile imaging. You imagine the sensation felt, rather than the visual act of seeing the sponge touch your body.

having said that, I still have to start of "seeing" the sponge action in my my mind, I can't start off just be re-creating the sensation.

It's kinda weird, it's like when you think of moving your finger with your eyes, closed, you can't see it move, but you can feel it move.

I still have great difficulty, in starting off energy work by tactile sensation alone, I have to say to myself, OK "focus on my left foot", and also try to imagine it as it I was in the shower in with a sponge on my left foot.

Are there any tips to increase tactile focus on body parts, or do people just tell themselves to focus on their, right foot for example?

When I lie down, I have to say "left foot" then Imagine my hand moving from where it is, and stretching and reaching my "left foot" then doing the sponging action - is this what other people do?

How do other people instigate focus on an area? After all isn't tactile imagint supposed to be easier then visulisation?

terra incognita
21st June 2005, 04:54 AM
Just recently (after two years of Robert Bruce style energy work) I've spent longer doing the standard energy raising techniques. I realize now that all of my time and patience has paid off in increased sensitivity in my energy body.

My understanding of the sponge action is fairly basic. I imagine feeling my energy body as I believe it is, a light transparant material, almost like clean white mist. Then I feel the sponge like a screen passing through the mist pulling or stimulating it very gently and calmly. Now, after doing approximately two hours of tactile energy raising, my arms and legs begin to really tingle of pulsate. I associate my success entirely to the tactile method.

The tactile method, for me, results in seeing my energy hands after I have (on occasion) reached an altered state. I think even though we don't 'see' our energy hands during conscious energy work it doesn't mean they are not actually there doing the work. If the energy hands are really there doing the work I find it more effective to feel them then to waste mental power trying to visualize the hands. My goal, ultimately, is not to become a proficient visualizer but to srengthen and energize my body for OOBE's.

So, my conclusion is that it is generally better to feel the location through tactile stimulation than to visualize the energy hands or sponge actions. That's my experience. Hope it helps! [/i]

21st June 2005, 05:01 AM
I generally imagine a wet sponge being brought over my body and the water being left to cause the sensation? Almost as if you are left with a damp sensation which stimulate energy (electrically for me is how I imagine it) and then can evaporate away or be absorbed in. I guess we all have our own techniques.