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16th December 2005, 03:44 AM
Hello, I've had many concious spontaneous APs, but I still cant produce a willed one.

There is this "thing" I can do.... You know the feeling when your seperating. The feeling of vertigo and that pulling feeling in your torso, and the tingeling sensation in your entire body, the feeling of a rapid heartbeat, just before the moment of seperation.

I can at anytime and at will produce this feeling. Im not sure how I do it. I focus my attention somewherein the back or the middle of my head and it happens.

But just for a couple of seconds, then the feeling goes away. but then I can bring it back instantly. It last as long as a breath. And I can do it anywhere if im standing or sitting.

It feels just like when Im doing ROPE. Also when Im in a trance it lasts much longer. But I just cant get out!

All my projections I remember have been fully concious from exit to enter. So I know exactly how it should feel. I just cant will it.

Anyone have any questions, comments, or smart remarks :lol:


16th December 2005, 11:22 AM
I can do this, I always describe it as an intence excitation. I've got a feeling if that momentum is kept up, it would lead to projection. But for me at least it starts feeling like a huge effort, and then I let it go. It does feel like the pre-vibration 'rush' I usually get.

A Perfect Circle
16th December 2005, 11:38 PM
I can do it also. I close my eyes and it feels like I am swinging from side to side. It feels like my astral body is stretching but I never can get separated this way. It feels like I am going to be just thrown out of my body at any time but it never happens. I am hoping that the more I practice doing it the farther I will stretch....then one day I will just be thrown out. So far all of my projections have been from dreams.

17th December 2005, 10:26 PM
I'm jealous! :roll:

18th December 2005, 04:56 AM
When I first started consciously practising AP, I found I could get as high as to that point where you feel like a 2-D disc in the center of your head is starting to spin, the REM has already kicked in, and your physical body starts to minutely twitch here and there...

I found the problem was (in my case anyway) that when I knew I was about to attain escape velocity, I would get emotionally excited and looking so forward to the sensation of motion (tunnel), that the emotional charge I was generating from the "excitement and anticipation" of being about to "launch" was what was blowing the circuit. My charge would drop, my skin would start to feel present again - and so on.

One remedy was to practice bringing it just to the launch point event horizon, and holding it there while I practiced stabilizing my potential emotional charge to nil so it wouldn't arc out the current.

Give it a try. Maybe it will help if emotional charge (excitement and anticipation) is blowing the pre-launch circuit...

Jemmi (Gridworkers:0H200)

A Perfect Circle
18th December 2005, 05:35 AM
One remedy was to practice bringing it just to the launch point event horizon, and holding it there while I practiced stabilizing my potential emotional charge to nil so it wouldn't arc out the current.

Jemmi...can you please elaborate?

18th December 2005, 07:10 AM
One remedy was to practice bringing it just to the launch point event horizon, and holding it there while I practiced stabilizing my potential emotional charge to nil so it wouldn't arc out the current.

launch point: This is the point you reach just before you merge into a Phase Shift (astral). You are still blended/enmeshed in the EM fields (magnetic) of your physical (flesh) shell, but have passed the "spinning" sensation in the head and are still experiencing REM (your body's rapid eye movement).

As this charge builds, you may feel a finger or other minute part(s) of your physical shell start to sporatically twitch. This is a result of the energy spark in some of the nerve tissue minutely discharging as your astral shell begins to condense into it's own "shell", so-to-speak.

The charge being generated by the phase-shift continues to increase as your consciousness begins to merge into your "astral" form. When your consciousness merges fully into the astral form, that's when one generally will begin to feel a literal pulling or flying motion sensation. This is the event horizon. Then you are in astral...

As a Phase Shift is a very literal "riding of a radio wave" in the ELF frequency bands (Extremely Low Frequency), any introduction of other ELF waves - such as are generated by intense emotion, for example - can arc out the charge - much like a hot (live) wire touching metal. You get a spark (an arc) where the charge jumps out of the current and discharges on the metal.

It's virtually the same thing: Any intense emotional flare (like excitement, anticipation, fear, shock, frustration, anger, etc.) generates a current of its own, which can, during the pre-stages of astral condensation and acceleration "arc out" the phase-shift, and as a result you drop back to a slower vibration again, or get stuck somewhere.

In my case, the emotion I was generating with my excitement and anticipation of being "almost there" kept arc-ing out my charge and getting me "stuck" at that point. What I needed to learn was how to remain emotionally "null and void" ( nil ) - how to "discipline" my mind enough not to get all "excited" when I got to that point, so that I wouldn't arc out the charge I had worked so hard on building up.

So I would go just to that point, practice holding it just there - while I simultaneously practised "not" emotionally feeling anything, nor allowing any form of emotion to start up in me.

Eventually, I learned how to hold the charge without generating emotion - and it solved my problem of getting stuck.

However, it may not be "emotion" in another's case that is causing them to get stuck. Each individual needs to analyze themselves carefully during their own charging up process(es) to find out what the trigger(s) or catalysts may be which are causing their own blocks. Intense emotional energy being generated, in my case, just happened to be what was causing my "stuck" problem.

LnL Jemmi (Gridworkers : 0H200)

19th December 2005, 12:36 PM
Glad to hear others do this to and im not imagining it

APC I know the feeling it feels like im going to force/rip/tear our my ethric or astral body. But I cant hold that feeling long enough. Also I dont want to project this way. It feels way to forced when I do this and I dont want to cause any damage.