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16th December 2005, 07:25 AM
I've been following Robert Bruce's aura tutorial with some pretty good success. Like he said in the website tutorial, afterburn becomes less of a problem as time passes. But I find that I'm still weak to seeing orange/red/gold auras, I'm better at picking out blue/green/purple. Orange/red/gold just looks white to me.

Tonight I tried a neat little experiment-

I was looking at the aura of my hands against a white wall, and I tried extending energy or my aura so that they'd meet between my hands. This is what happened.

A fine, white-ish purple mist extended from my right hand and floated towards my left. As I watched, the mist passed over my left hand and the aura of my left hand turned momentarily white-ish purple. When the mist reached my wrist, the left hand flashed back to its normal green. Then the right hand would generate the mist again, and it would pulse down over my left hand, and this repeated in a rhythmic pattern. It was incredibly beautiful, and felt and looked very natural.

As a new aura viewer, this was VERY exciting and awesome to watch. I think if people could see energy flow, they'd be so much more open to its applications. I was very excited to witness this phenomenon, in such a present and visual way.

16th December 2005, 02:08 PM
Great job, Stargazer!
Robert Bruce's tutorial is awesome for helping people see auras. I could always see a mist around myself or others when I really tried. But with the tutorial, I have started to see colors, too....it's really amazing. And I know what you mean, it really makes you think about energy generation and its uses. I almost get the feeling that working on seeing auras has helped in activating the other chakras beside the third eye. Has anyone else felt that aura work has helped their overall energetic development?