View Full Version : How do you balance all chakras so that you wont get headache

20th December 2005, 09:01 PM
How do you balance all chakras so that you wont get headaches from overworking your brow chakra? I get headaches from so much aura sight practice, therefore I heard that you have to balance all your chakras to stabalize my body and energy.

How do I practice all my chakras directly for its full efficiency so that I can stabalize them as fast as I can so that I can practice my brow chakra headache free?

20th December 2005, 11:20 PM
I know a method :) But you have to be initiated in reiki :)

First you put one hand on your forehead and another on your pubes (third eye and root chakra). Then you initiate reiki flow and balance chakras :D When you feel that it's done, it's done. :) Next you put your one hand on your throat and another on your abdomen (throat and spleen chakra). You call reiki and balance :) when you feel it's done, you put your one hand on your sternum and another one on your solar plexus (heart and solar plexus chakra), call reiki and balance 8) When you feel that it is done then you stop :)
A variation of a method above is that you put one hand on your forehead and pubes, feel which one feels "better for balancing". When you'll feel which one is better you balance the root and third eye. When you're done, you leave hand on the "better for balancing" chakra, your other hand you move to the next chakra and you balance it according to the "better for balancing" chakra, and so on. You will be balancing 5 chakras according to the "better for balancing" chakra.

Uh :? English is not my native language... Describing is hard... Please be understanding :wink:

20th December 2005, 11:24 PM
Actually, that post was more grammatically correct than many posts around here.

I was unaware reiki could be used in such a simple yet powerful manner. This is yet another kick in the pants for me to call up that reiki master I know of.

20th December 2005, 11:49 PM
What to do if perhaps I dont know how to use reiki :? ...