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3rd August 2008, 09:41 PM
Hello Everyone,
This method has helped me achieve a deep state of relaxation and trance very easily. All you need is the audio recording. There is a whole course built around this method but it is not needed so don’t spend your hard earned money unless you feel a strong connection to it. Best of all the recording is available for free on the Silva website (silvaultramindsystem.com/). Any problems downloading it, send me a message and I will e-mail it to you directly.
The method used is called the 3 to 1 method ( or silva method). Yes, it is a guided exercise. Don’t be put off yet, its not as bad as it sounds ( I never really liked guided meditations personally). It is meant only as a training exercise to get you used to the method. Once you know the method go through it on your own without the audio and I think that you will be pleasantly surprised at the results :D . Don’t be afraid to personalize it a bit to your liking. Nothing is set in stone here, I use a basic version of this method and it works just the same.
In the background there is a soft tapping sound that the authors call the alpha sound, quite similar to shamanic drumming. This is designed as many other recordings to get your conscious mind familiar with a trance state. One problem that I have with recordings designed to induce a trance-like state is the natural dependence that I seem develop on that particular recording. If you cant induce these states on your own then why waste your time? Again, once you know the method you can discontinue using the recording. I have found it to be quite beneficial to listen to the audio once or twice a week to keep it fresh in my mind and help improve deep relaxation which we all need when trying to project.

Level 3: At the beginning you will be told to visualize the number 3 and mentally repeat the number three, 3 times while exhaling. This is where relaxation comes into play. Rather than tensing and relaxing various parts of your body, you will direct your awareness to a certain part and mentally relax it. Excellent awareness practice for when learning the NEW techniques. I think that any number could be used but for simplicity they use the number 3. It seems to me that if you always visualize and repeat the number 3 when beginning your relaxation that over time the mind becomes conditioned to know that this is my relaxing time and not my worry about everything else time. Also, the body tends to relax quicker and deeper almost instantly after repeating the number 3. I usually go head to toe a few times just to make sure that im perfectly relaxed.

Level 2: Relaxing your mind. Visualize and mentally repeat the number 2, three times while exhaling. This is where we turn off our internal dialogue. You will directed to imagine yourself in a peaceful setting. Any setting will do, as long as it brings a peaceful feeling to you. Throughout the recording there are certain suggestions made such as in hypnosis that will help you. All are positive so don’t worry. One that really helps me is around this part in the recording: “external noises will not distract you but cause you to go to a deeper , healthier, level of mind“. I live in a city so peace and quiet is not just hard to find but impossible!! Once I repeat this to myself when not using the recording, lo and behold no more distractions! Don’t worry you’ll still hear the phone or doorbell or any other essential sound and recognize it for what it is. You wont lose control. Personally, I spend the least amount of time at this level as I find that my mind relaxes quite easily when told to do so. But when it doesn’t quiet down, a few minutes imagining a peaceful setting usually does the trick.

Level 1: This is what the authors call the alpha state. (level of trance). Visualize and mentally repeat the number 1, three times while exhaling. You can go deeper here if you desire by counting backwards from 25 or any other number. Feel yourself going deeper. Don’t ask am I there yet? Know that you are there. Doubt will kill any trance state that you have achieved. Relax, and enjoy it! Go deeper if you want to or just hang out where you are. Its O.K. I have noticed in recent years a sudden surge of interest in techniques, books claiming that if you just ask for something from a higher power or visualize yourself in a new relationship or car or that you have loads of abundance it will just magically appear. Just like that. Well it doesn’t work quite like that. ( my opinion only please don’t take offence :) )The major flaw with the methods that I have researched (except for this one) is a very simple yet crucial mistake. All use our normal waking mind as a playing field for manifestation. Yes, I do believe that we are all sparks of god (creator) and as such we can influence certain situations, create even. But in order to do so you must go to a deeper state of being and work there. How could we possibly expect miraculous things to happen when we remain in an ordinary human state? If we are trying to be like a god, we must move closer to a god-like state. Now, even at a deeper level of being if you visualize a new Porsche, piles of money, beautiful companions etc. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!. You haven’t moved an inch, egoic desires will not manifest. ( well they haven’t for me anyways:) ) . The best success that I have had with this is using it for other people. When we move away from our personal desires and focus on the happiness and well-being of others we automatically move closer to our natural god-like state. Use your emotions, you have them for a reason! Go to a deep level and visualize a loved one that is unwell ( physically or emotionally) feel that person deep in your being and bring up the strongest emotion that you have and demand that they become well, know that they will be well again because I have the power to make it so. Your intention has to be right though. You have to honestly ask yourself why you would want that person to be healthy. Is it for them or is it for you? ( egoic desire). It has to be truly for them. One way to check our intentions is to ask ourselves this : If this person became perfectly healthy and I never saw or spoke to them again would that be ok? The act has to be selfless( god-like). If it is not then you will find yourself disappointed. These are just my opinions so don’t take them for some golden truth, however I have had some pretty cool things happen when the intention was right.
Anyways, Back to level 1: Here is where affirmations really gain their strength, yes it is excellent practice to repeat them during the day but in my experience if I do my affirmations at a deeper state of mind they tend to be more effective. Energy work here?? Absolutely!!! I have just recently started working on the primary energy centres and so far so good. I find that I can feel where the energy should be directed and it appears to be working quite well. Eventually when I am ready I will use this method to prepare me for projection.

This journey that we are all on will be different for all of us so I urge you to not pigeonhole yourself into any one particular method. I read somewhere that there are a million paths to enlightenment. You will need to find what works for you. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Where a strict regimented program works for some, a more relaxed method or no method in particular will work well for others. We are all unique in this fact and that’s what makes us so damn interesting! I struggled for years trying to find the “ultimate” or best path to awakening when all I had to do was find what works for me. I spent countless hours reading about why other people thought their path was the best and others were not. Eventually I found that a mixture of different teachings worked the best. A mixture of Buddhism, Gnosticism,Silva method, books by Echkart Tolle and Robert Bruce feel like the right path for my journey. While some teachers may frown upon this mix and dabble method, I could care less. We all have brains for a reason so be sceptical, ask questions. Curiosity is a sign of genius. If something doesn’t feel right to you then it probably isn’t. You and only you can make your path. So start walking. Just remember that a map isn’t always needed to get to the destination.

Well, this is my first post on Astral Dynamics and would like to thank all of you for reading it. I have not had much success with OBE yet. A few years ago I was close but panicked due to what I now know was just REM and an overactive heart center. (oops should have read a little farther I suppose). But now I have decided to just take it slow and do the required energy work first before attempting again. Any questions about this post please fire away! Until next time….


4th August 2008, 08:02 AM
Hmmm. I always thought the crucial part of the Da Silva induction exercise was the staring upward (with closed eyes) to induce alpha state? Guess they change their material, too. :)


4th August 2008, 08:25 AM
Jose Silva wanted to take a correspondence course in electronics, but he didn't have the money. He made a deal with the owner of a store who liked the idea of being able to put a diploma on his wall, and had the money to pay for the class, but didn't really care about electronics. Jose Silva would take the course in the other guy's name and give him the diploma when it arrived, but Jose of course having taken the course would have learned about electronics. Later he learned about brainwaves and specifically that the alpha range had the highest amplitude. He figured that when the brain was mostly using alpha waves it must be operating with the least resistance posssible and that this thinking must be the brain's most powerful thinking. Unfortunately, most people spend most of their time in beta rather than alpha and no matter how much they may want to change their lives in beta they lack the power to do so. This was the starting point for what became The Silva Method. In a way, he also rediscovered an idea from Buddhism, the Bodhisattva ideal, but he presented it on a much smaller scale. He said that if you want to make a plan to improve your own life, you have to create a plan that will in the process improve the lives of at least two other people. If you make the world a better place for other people, he reasoned, then life itself will give you resources to make it possible for you to achieve your goal. However, if you help no one else or worse, take advantage of anyone to get your way, then you will be cut off from this help from above. Most of Jose Silva's greatest and most important conclusions were not released until after his death. He felt that most people could not accept what he had to say.

4th August 2008, 09:24 AM
Hmmm. I always thought the crucial part of the Da Silva induction exercise was the staring upward (with closed eyes) to induce alpha state? Guess they change their material, too.


This is correct. He says that staring about 20 degrees up is optimum for producing the alpha state but that's not all he said. Rigden describes the rest well. Silva also advocates the use of a vision screen, practice with visualisation and dream programming.

If anyone wants it, there are a series of free online lessons, including the meditation recording (which I really like, btw).

I can't say I've manifested anything amazing using the free lessons (maybe because of dissipated energies) so I haven't seen a reason to invest in the course but you might do better.

4th August 2008, 04:28 PM
Has anyone out there actually put in some good honest effort into the ultra mind course? If so I’d love to hear what your results were like. I have the course and didn’t feel that it was worth the price. But, I also didn’t put 100% effort into it.


4th August 2008, 08:21 PM
Sorry, I have the original Da Silva book, and I was not really into it. Nice trance induction exercise, but I have my own problems with all kinds of visualisations, so the mind screen and other exercises seemed pretty pointless to me at this stage.