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23rd August 2008, 06:09 PM
Gnosis, or intuitive subtle-psi intelligence, Heart-wisdom if you will...does have a symbolic language which must then be interpreted (unpacked) rationally.
A transcendental vision say, one could "unpack" rationally for an entire lifetime.

The Gnostic insight comes through as formless emotional passion,“ecstasy”, then this is shunted through the mental filtering system as we reinterpret the information within the current developmental level of our intellectual capacities and associations at the time.

First vital-physical revelation (emotional causal) Delta
Then translation into archetype, myth, symbol, story, words, voices, visions, dreams Theta
Then rational explanation and analysis of the data Beta
Full circle of "emotional digestion" of the material as it becomes assimilated and turned into action and behavior. Alpha or Flow

This is the same sequence as my kundalini awakening progression of the development of the psyche-body over the course of the awakening period...so there is probably validity to the idea that it occurs during each event of gnostic illumination, as well as over the longer periodacy of an entire kundalini awakening of up to 7 years, or a lifetime.

What I think Ken Wilber doesn't quite get (set me straight) is that the first impulse is vitalism or emotion and therefore this must be the causal level. Michael Brown also refers to the emotional as being "causal." It might just be a language barrier, but this point does need to be clarified.

Gamma appears to be the "holographic" integrating wave which allows the coil-essence of Gnosis, but associated with this is the lowest frequency Epsilon. I think the low frequencies contains/allows the most amount of information (check Walter Russell and Tom Bearden). Thus we have the integrating frequency Gamma combined with the "wholistic-cosmic" information data wave Epsilon.

I think this might have something to do with the stillness of Epsilon allowing the greatest degree of coherency of light/consciousness to occur...which can then be best conveyed to the intellectual processing areas of the brain as the information is stepped up through Theta into Beta. We have tended to think that Theta was the hypnogogic wave of creative insight...but really it is simply the valve between the deeper Epsilon state and the conscious-reception state of Beta.

If we all get Jeffery Thompson's two CDs Epsilon and Gamma we should collectively be able to raise our vibration to manifest what Aurobindo called the "Supermind." http://www.neuroacoustic.com/meditation.html

Gamma is the Ecstatic State of Consciousness which includes extraordinary states of consciousness associated with "Shamanic" and "Mystical" experiences. During moments when bursts of precognition or high-level information processing occur, your brainwaves reach the Gamma state. The Gamma brain wave state corresponds to frequencies between 40 – 100 Hz. When Gamma brainwaves are strong the entire cortex is activated, "binding" information from all the senses together for a higher-level awareness of unity of the objects of our perception. It is a brainwave that holographically integrates the brain and helps it to work as a whole. Gamma is associated with higher mental activity, including perception and consciousness. - since Gamma activity disappears with general anesthesia. The babies brain has strong Gamma activity as their brain has not yet been segregated into distinct parts. Their sense of self is simple, whole and integrated.

Brainwave frequency patterns below the lowest Delta rhythms of 0.5 Hz are as slow as one quarter cycle per second, one frequency per 10 seconds, per one minute, or even longer. This wavelength is associated with extraordinary states of consciousness such as very high states of meditation, ecstatic states of consciousness, revelatory states, spiritual insight (gnosis) and out-of-body experiences. Some of the higher Yogic states of suspended animation associated with deepest Delta brain states actually continue deeper into these below-Delta brainwave states, which Dr. Jeffrey Thompson named the Epsilon State, Epsilon, since it is the next Greek letter of the alphabet after Delta. Dr. Thompson surmised that these extremely slow Epsilon brainwave patterns might have extremely fast HyperGamma/Lambda brainwave patterns modulating within them - just as the HyperGamma/Lambda brainwave patterns seem to "ride" on the super slow Epsilon modulation.

24th August 2008, 08:15 AM
I use Gamma and Sub-Delta brainwave entrainment pretty much daily and have for some time. I do it using software from Transparent Corporation: http://transparentcorp.com/

I use MindStereo the most because it allows me to listen to any medium for the brainwave entrainment, on the fly. Any of the save music I have on the hard drive can be playing in the software, and I can just listen to the music while sonically massaging my limbic system with sub-delta waves.

I will admit that the Gamma sessions don't sound that great with music, as the frequency is very high and fast and you can really hear the distortion, so for Gamma I generally use Neuro-Programmer 2.

I've been using this software for more than a year now and I've seen some remarkable positive changes as a result. Most notably is a tremendous reduction in chronic pain. I've also "trained" myself to easily slip into an alpha state, and I can do it now almost at will, without any assistance from software or anything else, just because I've learned how it feels and what's supposed to happen.

As for gnosis, I absolutely understand about these things unfolding or "downloading", as it were. It's been happening to me for a while. It's been happening a lot more in the past year or so, but I don't know if it's because I've been actively meditating more (I have), because I've gotten past some barriers and blocks that were holding me back, because I've just grown in spiritual/emotional ways, because I've healed, because of the brainwave entrainment, etc. I'd say it's everything at once. Certainly the brainwave entrainment has helped, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Having not tried any CDs and having been very happy with the quality and service provided by Transparent Corp, I have to say I'd recommend the software if only for the flexibility it provides. You can create your own sessions if you want, or use ones downloaded from Transparent Corp or one of the ones that comes with the software package and tweak it to you liking.

Anyway, that's my $0.02 on the subject. I'm a big fan of brainwave entrainment. And of gnosis, too, now that I come to think of it... ;)

26th August 2008, 04:26 AM
Hey yea...

Reading the Presence Process by Michael Brown I see I am about 90% reactivity and 10% creativity.
You get in your own face when you read that book ???

Denver convention today made the psychosphere dense, thick, serious, slow. It was not hyper, aggressive, excited, tense or fearful...it was "dull, a dense dullness!" Perhaps we are being bombarded by HARP.

mindmovies.com/vid1/?10438 —Video on Visualization

26th August 2008, 03:40 PM
Ah, Mindmovies. Yup, familiar with those, too, but not for producing altered states or inducing gnosis. ;) I've always thought that the purpose of a MindMovie is for positive visualisation and manifestation.

26th August 2008, 04:25 PM
Will get back to Gnosis in my next post...

Spirit is like a Grand Unified Theory (GUT)...it is basically everything not just the animating force in living things, because you do not get living things without an entire Universe as context. Soul, however is the energy-consciousness component associated with an organisms formative composition of the DNA and cells. This is why reincarnation is a bogus idea, because it is the genetic structure built over 3.5 billion years that determines the soul of each individual lifeform. Why then would some noncorporal soul floating around suddenly zap into a zygote which already has its own DNA soul-print? For starters you cannot have soul separated from its atomic, material structure...because soul IS the energy-consciousness involved in the animation of living molecules...it is the morphogenic field of coherent light and consciousness/communication.

Biophotons you could say are the matrix of soul...the pattern of which is determined by the structure of the DNA and other molecules in the body. Photons have an inclusive property...they love to be in the same state at the same time...thus are the ideal medium for superconducting a coherent morphogenic field. The crystaline structure of the DNA acts as a capacitor of zeropoint energy, perhaps swopping particles between our 3D spacetime and the hyperdiamension. Spiritual practices and the development and synchronization of the brain, no doubt allows for more sophisticated gene expression, which in turn increases the coherency in the biophoton field matrix and alters the individuals transparency or relationship with zeropoint. This would account for the strange phenomena mentioned in spiritual traditions such as levitation, translocation, spontaneous combustion (rainbow body); as well as psi phenomena such as precognition and nonlocal effects like telepathy and biological magnetism.

Like Murry Gell-Mann (see youtube) I think that soul is an emergent property of the formative structure of living molecules which through the course of evolution developed an elaborate brain capable of abstraction and imagination, as well as feeling and sensing. Ancient man, prior to knowledge of DNA and the remarkable properties of consciousness, dreamed up ideas of reincarnation out of an inspiration that somehow all life is connected. Thus the idea of reincarnation is a primitive mythic form of the first glimpse of genetics and evolution.

26th August 2008, 04:27 PM
We have yet to really grasp the true plasticity of reality...in that whatever we seed our consciousness with now, will affect the flow of our future experience. If you are precognitive you know this to be true, because with glimpses of future conscious-data...we find out that what we do and don't do now determines the play of reality we are yet to arrive at in time. People who appear to have details of past lives could be precogs who are tapping into the information of a future event of the cognition of the information. Rather than even tapping into Akashic records.

For example: I dreamed of a neice of mine had constipation, so I write a letter to her in NZ saying she needed to drink more water. She wrote back and said that 'yep she had been to the doctor and he said she needed to drink more water, so her mum was getting her special water to drink.'

Because of the "narrow band of information and detail" I am convinced that this type of psychic event is not tuning into cognitive processes and events on the other side of the globe, but is simply me tuning into my OWN TIME LINE. I have had so many instances when a small packet of information seems to come to me of a future event...that I realize I am seeing my own consciousness of the future, not the infinite vast spread of the collective consciousness and total happenstance.

Note that in this instance I had primed my own future experience of the reception of the constipation dream by writing the letter...if I didn't write the letter I would not have received the information that provoked the dream...and if I didn't dream the dream I would not have written the letter by which the information in the dream was effected.

Thus we see that both TIME and HAPPENSTANCE are maluable.
I see ALL psychic evidence as the penetration of the TIME domain, and do not see any evidence for tapping into AKASHIC FIELDS or for tapping into the minds of others...I see all evidence pointing to the conscious penetration of time and the reception of a limited amount of information...information/experience that we are "exposed" to and have pass through our mind in the future.

The only way we can rise above our present dark age is to constantly evolve our maps and language that we use to diagnose and communicate our reality...if the maps do not evolve, we essentially stagnate at the same infantile-primitive concept of reality which "others" have constructed for us.

All renaissances in human history are associated with a reworking and relanguaging of our conceptualization of reality...keeping in mind that no matter how good the map, it is always just a facsimile and not the territory itself!

With regards to remapping so that we can evolve our understanding of reality and our "cosmology" here is my view of reality. The Universe itself is "Spirit" and all that is and isn't. Through countless billions of years of star generations the Universe generates the atoms necessary to formulate life. Through trial, error and happy mutation life gets more complex and ultimately becomes semi-conscious as in humans. Consciousness grows through trial, error and insight to formulate a picture (map) of the way the Universe is put together...the maps of 30,000 years ago, 300 years ago or yesterday need to be continually updated to contemporary standards for logic, evidence, scientific experimentation etc... Since a lot of this sorting out of mind stuff has not been done, much of what humanity thinks about the nature truth is baloney. Since much of our heritage of thought related to spirituality and cosmology has been done by men, and men are dominators, rapests and pillagers...our inherited view of the nature of the Cosmos is dissociative, abstracted and perverted beyond all recognition as to the way the Universe is actually put together. Since our maps can only ever be an approximation of the truth, we should at least strive for increasing rationality and increasing objectivity that is transpersonal, transgender and trans anthropomorphic. You can use a Ford Model T for its quaintness and nostalgia, but it makes more moral sense to use a Meyer Water Car! The subtlety and usefulness of spiritual science can and must evolve.

26th August 2008, 04:32 PM
The highest state of brainwave activity appears to be in the 200 Hz area. There seems to be a circular link between these two extremes of brainwave activity below 0.5 Hz Delta to above 100 Hz HyperGamma to 200 Hz Lambda, and the states of consciousness which they represent. They appear to be associated with the type of extraordinary states of consciousness we find in the highest states of meditation, deepest levels of insight, personal original creative problem solving and high degrees of Self-awareness. Dr. Thompson has surmised that these extremely fast HyperGamma/Lambda brainwave patterns modulating may be "riding" on the super slow Epsilon modulation.

Precognition or penetration of the time domain is just as hard to "prove" and explain as reincarnation...and the Akashic Field is similarly impossible to prove and explain as yet.

I think the experiment that William Tiller described of DNA leaving its spectrographic "imprint" on the space of a room even though the air changed over the course of months is one main clues into the nature of deeper reality.

Coil-essence...the structures in the brain are spiral in nature, perhaps because of the chiral nature of the proteins, DNA etc...itself. The structures of life are spiral...and light travels in spirals as does the blood in the veins.
Synchrotron radiation occurs when electrons spiral into a magnetic field. Neuroglia (connective tissue of the central nervous system) are actually tightly wound spirals, helixes and vortices",