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26th December 2005, 11:42 PM
I had been experimenting with NEW a little here and there for about 3 weeks now and never felt any tingling, any burning, or sensations of any kind and couldn't figure out why. After reading further into "astral dynamics" I realized that I wasn't getting enough energy in my upper centers; namely the energy storare areas and the chakras. I also was using NEW on random bodyparts like knees and things, which IS recommended but I wasn't having results.

When I started doing NEW on my tertiary energy exchange ports, i.e., the feet soles, the palms, the mouth/nose, and the genitals, I am getting far more sensation, mainly in my feet. The book recommends starting with the tertiary, moving to the secondary, then to the storage areas, and then to the chakras, as doing the upper ones first can cause a draw that the tertiary ports can't handle. This is working great for me and I love it. A ground-up approach is awesome.

I'm also doing Quantum-Touch on my root chakra to balance out my energy and when I do this, I feel an extreme energy draw in my feet, so this is in my opinion a great way to get energy flowing once ports have been opened. Actually I have only done the tertiary ports twice and QT once, but the time i did use the QT I felt GREAT. I haven't felt that good in years.

If anyone is doing NEW and hasn't read "Quantum-Touch, the Power to Heal" I recommend getting it. It is a great read and a fantastic skill to have.


Aunt Clair
5th January 2006, 02:44 PM
ty for that excellent post 8)
there are free links to NEW on this site here :
Robert is revising this work too and has a lot of new ideas to raise energy and manipulate it . I would recommend attending one of his energy workshops .