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Aunt Clair
30th December 2005, 06:48 AM
All of us can develop spiritual abilities through meditation and our development follows predictable patterns on a naturally occuring continuum of human energy body growth . After we reach our peak physical age at 28 to 32 yo most of our physical skils begin to decline but our spiritual skills will continue to advance the rest of our life and this provides no end of satisfaction to the soul and amusement to the mind . Meditation is not exclusive to one culture or religion but is open to all of humanity .

Meditation develops many abilities including but not limited to ;
psychic intuition
dream interpretation and recall
healing of self and others
projection and sensing within the projections to astral , rtz and higher spiritual realms
mystic visions
ability to take lessons from mahatma
remote viewing
bi location of consciousness
intuitive alchemy
energy body and alchemical structure viewing
dreamstate lesson recall
manifestation of spiritual ashrams

7: 30 pm is an ideal time
also try sunrise or sunset

neath a full moon outside
on a beach with mates facing the horizon listening to the surf
in a cave
on a mountaintop
in a plane
in a long boring queue
in the car while you wait, bored to tears
in your special chair in your own meditation corner
in a circle with mates
alone in a comfortable armchair

It is calorie free , reduces stress , improves the immune system and teaches us to be better people . The late Pope John Paul II said that Meditation was the most sincere form of prayer as we sit and listen to what God wants to reveal to us . Prayer is not meant to be a never ending wish list to the cosmic Santa Claus .Ultimately, we find Godhead within our hearts in many ways across many cultures . All paths lead to God . Meditation has an altogether very satisfying result .

Sit hours after the evening meal , not too full but not hungry either
Dress for the occasion in loose unrestrictive clothing
Place a rug beneath your bare feet if necessary to warm them .
Adjust the temperature so that it is not too hot or too cold but just right
Close the doors and prevent distractions by cutting off the phones
Use music only if it helps you
Dim the lights : Light affects clairvoyant sight .Some like Marion Chitty and Dr. Stone say the pineal gland is adversely affected by bright light .A candle may flicker too much and distract you . Learn what works best for YOU .It is suggested to limit the sensations when beginning and to vary them when you are experienced thru adding crystals , mirrors , incense , lights , fountains etc.When beginning sit in the same armchair in the same room at the same time daily until you get streaming visions whenever you begin to meditate .
Open in protection as your own faith dictates
links here :http://au.msnusers.com/AuntClairsParlorSpiritualReadingRoom/protection.msnw
Begin by sitting in a comfortable arm chair
Place your arms loosely supported on the arms of the chair and turn your palms up to catch the energy .Your limbs should be uncrossed and bare your feet ,if you can, before you close your eyes to begin .Energy will come in thru crown ,palms ,soles and heart most easily .So spread your knees slightly and uncross all limbs feet are bare if you can do it and flat on the floor .
Develop deep cleansing breath techniques
Take these deep breaths in slowly and deliberately thru your nostrils and audibly exhale the breath through your mouth .As each deep cleansing breath enters your body have it come in as white cleansing light .You might visualise a candle of light in front of your third eye if it helps .
1. Swirl energy down from the crown to head , clearing away the cobwebs of the mind.
2.Bring the swirling energy down into the hearts and lungs, breathing away all anxieties and worries.
3.Draw the energy into the arms from the heart , pool it out into each fingertip .
4.Swirl the energy into the guts where we can manifest disease from negativity , clean it all out and away .
5.Draw the energy in again in this last deep cleansing breath pull it all the way down into the legs .
Pool it into the feet and out through each toe.
Power Up
You may choose" top down" from the universe to the crown or from "earth up" thru the soles of the feet .
ie :Bring light up with each breath ,visualising the feet drawing up light from Mother Earth through the legs which are like channels .
1.Pull it up from the right and left leg at the same time . Exhale half your breath only .
2. As you inhale draw up energy to the groin , exhale only half your breath .
3.Inhale and draw the energy up through your heart , exhaling half your breath only .
4.Inhale and push the energy down through your arms , seeing it flow from each fingertip. Exhale half your breath.
5.Inhale and bring it up to the shoulders . Visualise the dragon head erupting now from your shoulders. Release it and exhale half your breath .
6. Pull the energy finally up to your crown and fully release your breath .

Now you may become aware of feeling lighter happier healthier . You may feel tingling buzzing or warmth running up thru your limbs .
Or you might feel energy inside the limbs and in the palms of your hand .There is one main core channel of rainbow light that runs through the body surrounded by four bundled circuits which continue to colour up as we develop .

The bundle of the sun colours lies on the top it includes male electric energy as creme , fire , gold , topaz , pear and pale yellow . The bundle of the moon colours lies below and includes lavender , indigo , akasha , violet , plum and platinum blue .The bundle of earth colours lies on the right side of the body and includes brown , salmon red , rose , pomegranite , ruby and pink . The bundle of air colours lies on the left side of the body and includes olive , chartreuse , aqua , fig, emerald and pale green . As these circuits develop they lie in a singular line above , below and either side then become paired and tripled and quadrupled . They can be seen as tiny dragons coursing through the limbs .
Robert Bruce has developed NEW energy methods that are excellent and free on his site here is the link ,
as you develop you will become aware of your energy body more and as you develop your energy body .You will be able to project easier and higher and with greater accuracy and recall .So develop in balance in all things the body mind soul and spirit
Dwell in the power of the now in the chamber of the soul's eye
Close your eyes and take your consciousness to your third eye. Go to your forehead and sit in this chamber in the power of the now and if a thought about the physical life or the day drifts in ,observe it briefly and let it go .Sit in the power of the now .Nothing else matters .
Sit routinely
Try to sit at the same time in the same chair daily.Sit for 15 minutes and build up from there .
Close giving thanks to the spirit guides and angels who came to help you
Record your meditation in a journal immediately
Colours develop over time like dream qualities so a newbie may open to a vision like black and white tv.So at first it may seem a gray oval stretching horizontally with black and white shapes .This will often become an indigo oval with sapphire shapes .Then it will commonly become purple and then you will see in fullscreen streaming colours.Some begin seeing in colours right away . It is like dreaming , we all do it but some never recall one whilst others have lucid dreams in full colour and 3D streaming develops over time too . So at first you may get one message like " i saw a flower" then streams like " i saw an old man holding a red rose ".Then you learn to interpret meditation visions much as we do dream imageray and you might say "i feel this is your grandfather ".Eventually you will get multiple streams ,when this occurs it is time to look to the spirit teachers that will arrive for lessons ."Knock and the door will be open to you ""When the student is ready the teacher arrives "

It also helps to sit in a development circle once as a newbie aim for an open circle but as a adept go for a closed circle of peers . Find these in yoga centres and spiritual churches or posted in new age shops or in new age periodicals or open your own . Fees for such meditations sessions are free or nominal ie 2 or 5 $ a night . These often meet at 7:30 pm.

31st December 2005, 02:44 AM
Thank you for posting this Aunt Clair! btw, love your new avatar! :D