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4th January 2006, 07:27 AM
first I would like to say i haven't been on the forums for awhile seeing as I have not had many things have been happening recently. for those of you who don't know, I have spontanious OBE's and such. well thru my own means I have gotten a certain measure of control or at least the beginnings of control over some of this. so lets go over a typical exit over the last few times I have been out of body.

it starts off with me dreaming (I have begun to suspect that alot if not all of my dreams over the past few years have been on some sort of level of astral or some such, but this could just be my mind playing tricks on me seeing as I have such vivid and bizzar dreams) as per usual at one point or another I start narrating the dream, sometimes even rewinding things that go on in them and playing it out the way I want it to be. it's odd cause it's almost on a consious level, but at the same time I'm in a dream state so i don't realize I'm doing it till I start to wake up, sometimes not untill i have opened my eyes and realized I am awake.

well every now and then I realize I'm dreaming and decide to try to step out of my body while my body is still asleep. so i concentrate, and everything will go black and the dream will fade, I can't quite explain this but I sort of shift some part of my energy so it's tryin to push out of my body untill I get a buzzing sensation all over or at least a sense of seperation. then I try to move and can usually am able to step out, but if I open my eyes I'll be laying back down (sounds typicaly like a normal problem), so I'll get up and pry open my eyes with my fingers so I can see and get up out of bed. the thing is it's always dark (I assumed it was just doing it at night, but I did this once during the day and I was in darkness at that time also) like I'm in some shadow of the world, that is all dark and yet not at the same time.

things will be out of place and all of that like normal but it just seems diffrent from my past experiances something is off. I'm not sure how to describe it. I think if I open my eyes and just try to get up it might solve the problem, cause I think whats going on is I'm seperating from my body and instead of getting up, I am somehow shifting or phasing or whatever you want to call it, into a lower level or maybe some sort of dream scape my own mind has created. so I'm getting these darker OBE's instead of going into real time astral.

does anyone have any thoughts on where exactly i am ending up? is it just lower astral or is it some half dream half astral? and is there any way that I could be going astral in my dreams? I know it sounds odd but I have had dreams where someone will grab me or something will attack me and I'll wake up and for a few seconds when I'm waking i can still feel the hand holding me and myself pinned down underneath something, and that doesn't seem like a normal dream.

4th January 2006, 02:08 PM
Sounds like you're in the RTZ- Next time instead of prying open your eyes verbally ask to have astral vision (it sounds stupid but it worked for me). If you want to go astral (lately I go whether I want to or not) go through a doorway, window, or preferably a mirror. If you find yourself outside fly up in the sky- That usually does it.
I don't know why the quality of the OBE's has changed- have you been sick or anything like that?
Also, Neg attacks (which is what your description sounds like to me ) typically happen in the RTZ (according to what I've read) which is another indicator that you are on the RTZ. (But then again I had Neg problems in dreams too- so who knows!)