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5th January 2006, 08:48 PM
I know that most sources say that there are only 7 primary major energy centers and a myriad of secondary energy centers, but I've been experiencing some other energy centers as of lately. They're mostly in my back. There are three back there. One is near the base of my spine a couple inches up from my base chakra. It's a medium sized energy center, roughly around the size of the entire palm of my hand. Then there's another bigger energy center a little higher up that's in the middle of my back. It's roughly around the size of an orange or baseball. There are also two energy centers on the sides of my ribs that are on this same plane -- it's all on the same plane as my solar plexus chakra. When my solar plexus becomes very active, these "rib" chakras also become active too, and it feels like it's forming a band around my midsection that's initiating at the solar plexus and connecting into these "rib" chakras. It feels similar to the squeezing, pressurizing effect you get when your brow chakra and all the major secondary chakras in your head are active. Above the second energy center in my back that I mentioned, there's a HUGE one between my shoulder blades. This energy center feels like it might be even bigger than the navel primary chakra. I just felt it for the first time today. When the other two back energy centers are activated along with this one, it feels like they form a large, inverted triangle that spans my entire back. All the energy in these three back energy centers swirls to the left. The back energy centers feel like a totally seperate entity from the primary energy centers. When I start at my base chakra, I can either travel up my back or up the front to the primary energy centers. I've seen a picture online here (http://www.kheper.net/topics/chakras/major_and_minor.html) showing two different energy circuits (one in the front, one in the back), but what I'm feelings seems much larger than what's depicted here. I also once read (I think on here somewhere) that we have layers of energy circuits in our body. Maybe that's what I'm experiencing. Anyone else have similar experiences?

EDIT: One more thing. I've been feeling like what seems to be another major energy center in the very back of the head. Anyone else experience this?

5th January 2006, 09:53 PM
I don't have a drawing with me so I can't be sure of specifics, but Unity Church Mystics have a "christian based" system of chakras (energy centers) using the symbology of the 12 apostles, hence 12 chakras, and one is in the back area you described, "elimination" (symbolizing elimination of ideas that no longer serve you)- I can't remember which apostle symbolizes this. If you want more details I can look this up, if not don't worry about it.
This idea is similar to the ancient judaic "Adam Kashmon" using Kabbalah emanations for the description of "primordial man."
The Unity version is based on the idea that the Apostles were chosen by Jesus because they symbolized attributes of man that everyone has (or should have) and can be developed the same way as the Hindu Chakras. (Meditation, energy work, etc.)
All mystical stuff, which I love.

Aunt Clair
7th January 2006, 03:05 PM
Well done you are very sensitive .The energy body is evolving .There are energy centres behind each chakra that is right . These are like purges . The ones in the rear of the tan tiens are usually felt first by sensitives . There is a newly emerged one at the base of the neck like you described .

9th January 2006, 09:51 AM
Indeed there is more than the "classic" 7 chakras system. I feel also one chakra in the back for each chakra on the front, it's the back part of them I believe as they often activate simultaneously. The chakra on the back of the head is therefore, I think, the back of the brow chakra (I feel it too).

There are also other big minor chakras appart from the central vertical line following the spine, on each side of the body, I feel at least 4 big centres in the chest (including the heart chakra), 3 centres on the forehead, 2 (or maybe even 3, or 3 parts of the sahasrara) from the hair line to the top of the head, 3 chakras in the solar plexus area (including it), 1 big chakra between the sacral and the solar plexus etc. etc.

I also believe that some of them don't "activate" until some parts of the major chakras are not activated. For example I feel a big energy centre between the heart and throat, at about 1 finger above the heart, but I only felt it the first time after I had gained amost full control over the heart chakra.

16th January 2006, 08:26 AM
Yep, I have those too, although I haven't felt the pressure band around the ribs. Good to know that other people feel them, too. I'm not entirely sure what they do or what they're associated with, but I want to try stimulating them regularly like I do with the front chakras for my normal meditation.

It's interesting that I have always hated anyone touching the upper chakras in back. Even as a child, I would shudder uncontrollably and snap at the person who did it. There must be a strong physical component.