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27th May 2009, 06:53 PM

This system gives one the ability to place etheric acupuncture needles into a person or animal. The etheric needles will have the same affect as physical needles. The etheric needles can carry any thought, feeling or intension you desire them to. They can also act as antennas for any energy, healing force, healing symbols and mantras as well as anything found in nature such as the energy of any herb, crystal, mineral, flower, the five elements, light, colors, sounds, and homeopathic remedies, etc. All you have to do is specify what you want the needles to carry. You can also, perhaps you should, intend what you want the needles to do in general. Your intension may be as general as, “balance” or as specific as, “bring in Violate Flame Reiki to send to the Liver for healing”. You can also use the etheric needled without any intension.

No harm will come from the “wrong” placement of an etheric needle. If a needle is placed in a point(s) that might cause an imbalance your higher self will neutralize the affects of the needle.

Place the needles by intension. Simply look at or point at or touch any place you want a needle and say, “etheric acupuncture”. If you want you could also visualize the needle going into the point. They can be removed the same way. The needles will dissolve after about twenty minutes.

Etheric Acupuncture Needles
This attunement gives one the ability to create etheric acupuncture needles and place them in people or animal by intension. They will work as specified above.

Etheric Acupuncture Wisdom Attunement
This attunement brings in the wisdom of the over guiding Acupuncture masters. It helps one develop wisdom for the placement of the needles.

The Attunement
The attunements works by reading the following paragraph with the intension of self attuning. Please read the script separately for each of the two attunements. You may read through it without the intension of attuning first to make sure you really want to do it.

Etheric Acupuncture Needles or Etheric Acupuncture Wisdom Attunement. Please specify which attunement you are doing.

“God, higher self, and all beings that have my highest good in mind and heart and that work with any and all types of healing please activate and attune me to ___(Etheric Acupuncture Needles or Etheric Acupuncture Wisdom Attunement. Please specify which attunement you are doing.)_____. Please see that this attunement is of the highest and purest quality and that it is as effective as humanly and divinely possible. Please send any angels, gods, masters, energies or beings needed to activate and maintain the workings of this system. And have it work as described in the script above. Please allow in only those beings, energies, thought and emotional forms that are of a very high, pure, effective and balanced nature. Please make sure that all beings, energies and thought and emotional forms of a lower nature that might cause any harm are kept out. Thank You”

The best way to pass this attunement on to other is by having the person read this script. However anyone who is attuned to it can pass it on to others by intention. Passing it on by intension is equal in every way except for the information one gets from reading the script.

Love and Light,
Richard Eisenberg

The above statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Federal Drug Administration or the American Medical Association. The word “heal” is meant in its original Latin meaning,” to make whole”. No medical claims are made in terms of healing in the medical sense. People with medical conditions should consult medical doctor.