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1st June 2009, 03:48 AM
When I was four years old my two sisters and I slept in a double bed that was pushed against a wall. I was always the one on the outside by the tall narrow window which was open on good days. One night a violent storm woke me. It was loud, the lightning was heavy, and I was getting sprayed from the wind. (About 2 yards outside this window a lightning bolt struck the ground between my older sister and me while I was running after her one day. I was only about three feet away. I don't know what it is about my sister and lightning. She attracts it. Her shoe got singed.) I'm getting sprayed and I'm up against my electric prone sister. Not only that but when the lightning struck it showed the shape of tree limbs on the ceiling. All of this together terrified me. I ran and woke up my parents crying. They explained what was making the shadows on the ceiling and closed the window so I was calmed down and thought I'd make the best of it. And I did. Until part of the ceiling to the left above me disappeared. I wasn't getting wet anymore because my parents closed the window but things were worse. I could see some of the lightning bolts through the ceiling. I knew I'd get into trouble for waking my parents up again so I talked to myself calmly about checking the window with the ceiling and see if there was a connection. There wasn't. Then back I ran to tell my parents of this new development. Of course they were mad. I think I got a swat. I just closed my eyes and didn't look anymore. I fell asleep.

This wasn't the last time of disappearing walls. However, it was my son and a nurse I worked for who had the experiences. I was reading the Bible to my 8 year old son and he was relaxing laying on my waterbed looking at the ceiling. He saw a small blue kind of a circular shape with roiling white like clouds in a turmoiled sky. As it became bigger he became terrified and left my room. He wouldn't listen to me anymore about the Bible. To me I thought he saw through the ceiling but the sky was a different color than what he saw. Any explainations on what happened? Could he have seen into one of the heavens?

I did baby sitting for a night nurse for a few years and along the way she told me of her experiences in her bedroom. She said the walls would disappear at night and she could see her back yard and the sky. Also she thought she was being visited by Jesus. I just listened with an open mind. Now her husband was divorcing her for delusions of granduer to take her kids away from her. (I'm going to jog a bit here. I never wanted to sleep in her bedroom although she kept insisting. One night I told myself I was being silly and I slept in her bed. I woke in the middle of the night with my eyes closed. I could feel someone was there. I had to remind myself that this is ridiculous so I opened my eyes. There right up in my face was a white hand with it's fingers splayed out.Well I shut my eyes immediately saying this can't be happening to me. I started praying and though my heart was pounding and my breathing was labored I somehow fell asleep in that state. I never went in there again.) So her husband is saying she is an unfit mother. I testified in court and she won custody of her kids. How on earth were we believed? I don't know but we were to the satisfaction of the judge at least and that's all we wanted.