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7th June 2009, 04:30 AM
I don't know where else to post this, but feel I must somewhere so here it is.......

My Mother, at age 84, had been in a nursing home for the past several years. As anyone who has gone through this situation knows, it is draining and very stressful. My father passed when I was 10 from a hunting accident and my sister age 33, when I was 16 in an auto accident. I have never had any experience like this one happen to me with any of these or other people close to me passing.

My Mother's health was fading and her mental awareness also. My whole family (wife daughter and son) went to see her on New Years Eve 2008. We stopped and got her favorite Burger King Whopper junior meal and visited with her for almost 2 hours. She was very coherant and mentally alert. She had us all laughing and remembering silly things about the past. After this on all visits we made she would barely be aware of who we were, the day, time or anything. She continued downward until February 17, 2009.

At 2:14am (I looked at the bedside clock) I awoke with a very strange sensation in my chest (heart chakra) area. I swore I was having a heart attack or something major. It lasted maybe 15 seconds, was like a major pulling sensation, not like a weight or painful. Just that something was being pulled from the area with great force. (Note: I have since related this to my MD, had a stress test and others that completely rule out any physical problems.) He cannot explain this at all.

At about 2:30am, my daughter came into our bedroom crying, saying that the home had just called and Grandma had passed. I was almost back to sleep at this point, but we all awoke and grieved of course. One of the first things I said to my family is that I knew Grandma had passed at 2:14am!! I really don't recall saying this in all the emotional state, but they remember me saying it.

Jump ahead to when we are setting up arrangements with funeral home for funeral. I had had no discussions with any staff or others at all (certainly not on the night of Mom's passing) or any until this point days later. The director was giving us paper work and had the death certificate. I picked it up and scanned down it to the "time of death" entry. Time of death was entered by witnessing RN who was in Mom's room at 2:15am. (One minute difference from my sensation)

I realize this sounds like a fantasy story, or the babbling of an emotional situation, but I believe that something, when my Mom passed, was pulled from my body or being. I do not know what or why, I will leave it to others who read this to chew on................

7th June 2009, 06:39 AM

7th June 2009, 10:01 AM
You simply felt her passing as a pull at the heart by which you were connected. Your connection was close, of course. Remember you began life inside her body and linked into her energy body. Consider also that you may have had connections throughout many incarnations.

No one thinks it's a fantasy story. People report such things on these forums consistently and even beyond the forums you'll hear many similar tales. I've been "notified' of deaths and to the minute too, so your story does not surprise me at all.

7th June 2009, 06:28 PM
Hi Russ. I just want to tell you I read your post- I'm sorry about your mom's passing, my condolences are with you and your family. I will comment more later on.

8th June 2009, 08:03 AM
Nobody here would think that story is a fantasy. There are a lot of folks here who have experienced similiar things.

My most recent story of this sort is when my daughter's grandfather died (he was my ex-husband's father). He came to say goodbye to me, which really surprised me. I'd always thought he didn't like me, but I guess he did. Our "meeting" was very pleasant for me, and we parted with love, with any misunderstandings or misconceptions cleared. From what I understand, he visits my daughter fairly regularly.

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your mother, but I do understand about the nursing home situation. My grandmother, to whom I was very close, was in a nursing home for the final years of her life, too.