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12th August 2009, 10:52 PM
In 1993 my friend Vickie lived with a Police patrolman. She was proud he wasn't a traffic weenie. He worked the night shift and was always uneasy about going to the Colly Creek area to check on the Colly Creek Golf Bldg. Results were always the same. Someone would call the station very late at night about the club house having every light on and the doors open with no one in attendance. This was not a sought after occasion if you were without a partner. After a thorough search of the building, turning the lights off, closing doors, and locking exterior doors the exercise would need repeating once you headed toward your vehicle and looked back to find the lights on and the doors open again.

One night heading south toward Colly Creek on Burlingame Rd. the patrolman and his partner followed an old car from the early 50s driving uncommonly slow and dangerously weaving out of its lane. It made a right turn as if proceeding to the Colly Creek Bldg. but then made another right turn into a fenced field before getting there. They followed the car in the field for a time then the red tail lights vanished. Though they searched for over an hour the car was no where to be found. Perhaps it was a ruse devised by the man in the old car to make it to the club house in time to turn on all the lights and open all the doors before the patrolman arrived.