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26th August 2009, 11:14 PM
The other day I had an experience whilst I was sleeping. The recall was good the next day as I managed to remember pieces of the experience that were important. Now I don't know if this was really a remote viewing experience ( even a lesson ) or just a standard dream, but I woke up almost straight after it because it felt very exciting, maybe that was why I woke up - too much excitement !

So here goes:

Well I know that I was having the usual dreaming experience one night and then there was a transition of some sort. I can remember what it was exactly, but something was changing - that's the feeling that I still have. My partial recall begins with being without a body, just a mind existing in space and time and seeing what was around me. I was above a green field and there was some farm buildings around. I was aware of this and felt concious during the experience ( probably why I have good recall ) so you could say I was very lucid. However I wasn't in control, it wasn't me that was doing this ( or rather putting myself through this, or it wasn't a concious choice ). I "flew" down towards the buildings and then around the sides of one of them ( seeing all sorts of farm related objects and machinery ) before entering a building through a wall. As I was "flying" through a passageway in the building, seeing other doors and rooms a lovely female voice starting saying, "Now your remote viewing ! Your remote viewing !" really enthusiastically. I started to feel excited and I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I passed an old woman with short curly grey hair as I continued to move on through the building. After that is when I woke up feeling a bit shocked about what had just experienced.

27th August 2009, 02:13 AM
I think you had a good ole fashioned Astral Projection.

2nd September 2009, 11:48 AM
I think that's also another thing to consider, but who was the female voice ?

And why would she be telling me that I'm having a remote viewing experience ?

I have my doubts about the whole thing but if it was just a dream, it could've been triggered by reading material on remote viewing in the past and I read nothing deep. Maybe the whole thing was just a dream simulating what remote viewing could be like and the voice was just asserting that. Now I'm scratching my head trying to decide.

Thanks for your reply.

2nd September 2009, 03:32 PM
In my case, female voices are usually self-aspects, not necessarily full of knowledge. I get the 'good stuff' differently. However, I couldn't tell you what is the truth for you.

2nd September 2009, 05:22 PM
In my case, female voices are usually self-aspects, not necessarily full of knowledge.

I see. I can't understand why the voice would be female in my case as I'm male. However, I did have a ( dream ? ) many years ago as a young child and I saw a very beutiful woman dressed in white standing in my parents' bedroom. I also remember the bright soothing light behind her and how the room was lit up. I forgot about the dream for years until my fairly recent spritual journey started digging up old dreams and experiences that were quite strong and deep as a child onwards. I assumed that woman was a guardian angel, or more presently, maybe my guide. I don't really have those answers for certain yet although I think in another topic or another forum someone agreed with what I felt about her being one. She certainly didn't have any wings behind her though :D

I get the 'good stuff' differently.

That's intriguing, would you mind if I ask how so ?

However, I couldn't tell you what is the truth for you.

I appreciate that as I do realize it's something that I have to work that out for myself. However, having someone elses wisdom on the matter is appreciated or any comments for that matter.

2nd September 2009, 07:26 PM
Well, to be more specific, after becoming aware of the guides that are with me when I project, I became more 'in tune with' the voices that I hear, and I isolated three- two female and one male. One of them actually talk back to me, the others don't- the male voice sometimes tell me things that are helpful (but that I could know already). For some time I wondered if these were self aspects that have no special 'other' knowledge of anything other than what I know.
Of course communicating with them is very difficult- mastering the trance so I can be lucid enough to interact with them but staying deep enough to get the information without getting excited and 'snapping out of it' is a challenge, and I have to say I didn't get far enough to get anything more than a few sentences at best.
So one time where I was on a good run (days of conversation) I decided to test my theory- are these 'other's or just aspects, and if so, how come when in this state I have gotten information that I couldn't have known, not only of a personal nature, but beyond my level of knowledge and training?
So while I was having the good rut, I asked these voices a series of questions of something that was going to happen in the very near future (near enough that probably someone out there would know, just in case the collective unconscious is part of the equation).
The female voice that actually talks to me answered the wrong answer, the other female voice laughed nervously, and the male voice did not answer.
But a few seconds in it I saw a vision (a newspaper headline) with the answer in it- and (most importantly) a feeling of absolutely, positively knowing this was true. And the next day was the headline.
So at least one of my 'mysteries' was answered- I now think that these voices are self aspects that only know what I know, and maybe in a very primitive way. I still haven't sorted out the male voice, since he has indeed told me some stuff- but that knowing came from deep inside, maybe what we call the Higher Self.

4th September 2009, 08:27 PM
Very interesting. After reading your reply there I am more comfortable accepting a female voice as a self-aspect which would definitely be the answer if my experience was a standard dream experience. But I feel that it was more, more like an astral projection as you stated in the first reply ( could still be a self-aspect ). However, the possibility of it being a remote viewing experience is still out there (forgive the pun) it's just the uncertainly is making me very careful not to take it as such. It could be something to do with further spiritual development or advancement if it was a lesson or a taster of some kind. Since it's an experience already past, I just need to find some way to get to those Akashic Records that I've read about in order to learn what it actually was. I have an audio CD with a track that attempts to guide me to do that, but I haven't managed to visit there yet. It may be easier to ask a guide but I'm not sure how I would even initiate contact with such an entity.