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28th January 2006, 12:13 AM
So I've been diligently practicing beginning trance meditation... unfortunately the only time I have to practice during the week is at night before I go to sleep, so many times I dip into sleep... but better some practice than no practice. I'll get comfy in my armchair, in the dim light of morning. (I work the night shift so it's around 5-6am when I meditate).

Anyhow last night I got to a certain point where I felt a "shift" in consciousness, it was pretty hard to maintain awareness but I had a somewhat dim awareness of what was going on.

What was interesting, and kind of distracting, was that at some point while meditating I felt my energy body hands start to "flutter." That's the best way I can describe it. It was a very rapid, fluttery motion.. not like a vibration, OR a pulse. It was a very dynamic, rapid, intense motion.. like an excitement, like I was having a hard time keeping my "hands" still. (I love that the energy body is capable of so many different sensations).

This brought my awareness back to my body and I realized that I was pretty disconnected from my body awareness. This is the second time I've felt this fluttering sensation, the first time it was over my face; I assume it's a good thing but so much of this feels like stumbling around in new territory without a map. LOL!

28th January 2006, 03:54 AM
I assume it's a good thing but so much of this feels like stumbling around in new territory without a map.
So true!

I have experienced a fluttering akin to this in three places, and in each situation it happened randomly, hours after I had done some serious meditation.
I would be sitting and relaxing, not really thinking about anything, or doing meditation per se, when this increadible fluttering sensation would suddenly overtake the scalp of my head or my feet or my heart. It was totally different from the normal tingles, heat or cold, water-like movements, or presures that I typically feel, and unlike with those senations, I had not control over these. In fact, as soon as I tried to take control of them, the quickly faded away. Or, if I became roused from relaxation the would also fade.

By far, it was the strangest having my heart feel like it was fluttering around in my chest. Perhaps this is a different sesation then the one you are experiencing (it is so hard to but this feelings into words and clasify them into types).
But I think the really intersting part is how both of our fluttings are ocurring without conscious mental direction or direct stimulation.