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3rd September 2009, 01:05 AM
Reincarnation Bank

Reincarnation Bank was originally set up for Elliott Trevesk who has now decided to give the banking facility to all believers of reincarnation. 2i Limited is a company in its own right and will run in perpetuity to oversee Reincarnation Bank operations.

Scriptures throughout the ages predict man's reincarnation and rebirth. During the transition period to your next life, 2i Limited is offering safe keeping for any asset you wish to deposit.

There are people who say they can remember their past lives and use that knowledge to help them with their current existence. Some people say they remember without any effort on their part as they simply see previous times. If you leave nothing purposely behind when you die, then what is there here for you when you return?

Begin by believing and just do it. The great end of life is not just knowledge but action so act now and save for your reincarnation.

3rd September 2009, 01:18 AM
Frankly, it sounds like a ripoff to me.
From their own site:
"To prevent cheats and false claims the terms and conditions will apply. Make your claim as follows:

As in this life, in the next you will have memories of previous lives. One of these recollections will be of your arrangement with Reincarnation Bank. Whatever version of the internet or data retrieval mechanisms in use at the time of your return, you will renew your contact with Reincarnation Bank and through regression you will recall the details/instructions that you left at the time of making your deposit. A custodian of Reincarnation Bank will open your letter privately in your presence and will ask you to repeat the details contained therein (whilst in regression). Once this has been satisfactorily achieved, funds/property will be handed back to you and the account closed. "

So you can leave them all your money, but if when you come back you don't remember or can't be regressed (or the custodians lie about it). Then who keeps the money?
Does the bank (like any other bank) have the right to invest your money while you're in between lives?

I wonder how many people have successfully made withdrawals.
My scam-o-meter bells are ringing.
Of course, this is my opinion.

3rd September 2009, 01:45 AM
If I were the owner of the bank, I'd just take the money and run! They're all dead and gone anyways in a few decades... lol