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26th September 2009, 02:28 AM
The post by DAN on Why Are Ghosts Seen Wearing Clothes? reminded me of an event I had in the 90s.


I had a friend named Lynn who had a 5 year old daughter Morgan. Morgan was an ordinary happy child. While I was visiting Lynn began speaking about friends that had passed away. They all lived in other states, but she perked up when she remembered there was one friend that was buried in our town. Lynn did not have a car at the time so she asked if I would take her to the old cemetery. We got into my big Suburban and were on our way. Lynn was convinced she knew exactly where the headstone was located.

We drove through the maze of sometimes quite narrow dirt lanes without success of sparking Lynn's memory. Lynn began afoot and Morgan and I trailed behind. With no luck after a time Morgan and I decided to search headstones separate from Lynn. I have to say Lynn wanted to find her friend's headstone unaided by anyone other than we two. I let her have her way although I was beginning to get exasperated. Morgan was a handful of energy until we reached the tall stone statue of Jesus in the northeast corner of the property.

Morgan was taken by this massive stone. She began stroking the porous toes on the statue. Confused she looked up at me and stated, "It feels like skin." Seeing her reaction I then felt the toes. They felt like rough, weathered stone. I had to literally tear her away by grasping her arm and pulling. I decided to catch up with Lynn and let her take Morgan while I drove along beside them. I got in the truck confident Morgan would soon forget Jesus and the remainder of our stay would be middling.

Lynn trudged on with resolve showing on the down turned corners of her mouth Mogan in tow. Were we ever going to get out of here I thought? I was tired and my drink ran out. Parched, I also worried of oncoming vehicles in either direction. There was simply no room on the lane to pull over. I can't very well tread on graves to oblige. Leaving them was not a good choice as Lynn had 3 open heart surgeries and it was hot out. That wouldn't benefit Morgan either. So I just prayed they would find the grave right now as I inched along.

My music was somewhat loud and my windows were open. I could only watch in dismayed fascination as Morgan began yelling something to Lynn while pointing at me. I was only driving slow. Morgan is used to my loud music and slightly fast driving even if I'm in the Suburban. What could be the matter? Morgan has a handful of Lynn's shirt and for dear life is determined to get her mother to stop walking and look in my direction. Lynn clearly wasn't interested in Morgan at the moment so I'm thinking oh well it must be nothing.

Then Lynn found the grave. I was so grateful for this to come to an end for all of us. But it didn't as I'm still trying to work out a few minuscule details. When Lynn and Morgan entered the truck I was off to get us to some place cool where we could buy drinks. Lynn was a boisterous Sherlock Holmes bragging above the music on her tracking abilities while Morgan competed to be heard over both her mom and the radio. Lynn didn't pay attention to her but I caught what Morgan was saying from the back seat.

She was disturbed and wanted to know why I was invisible. What? She said my hair was flying up around my hat and she could see my clothes but not me. She said I was clear. Ok you think you've got me right there. If I were truly invisible or clear how could Morgan see my hair. I'll tell you how right now. It was because I was wearing a long white wig with bangs under my black hat. I've heard of ghosts being clear but a human? You tell me. Please. I need to know what happened. Was it Morgan, me, or something else?

26th September 2009, 01:29 PM
After the incident with the Jesus statue I'd vote for 'something else'. Not sure what, though.
Have you seen Morgan lately, does she show signs of Clairvoyance or any other related talent?

26th September 2009, 11:47 PM
After the incident with the Jesus statue I'd vote for 'something else'. Not sure what, though.
Have you seen Morgan lately, does she show signs of Clairvoyance or any other related talent?
I haven't seen her since she was 7.