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21st October 2009, 09:59 AM
Hello all!

Healing from the heart has been an interest of mine which has yet to be persued, but I would like to begin. I would love to heal others and have them feeling optimistic due to my works.

What has gained my attention is the 'pulse' effect of energy pumping from the heart and through the arms as the healer heals the healee. I would like to develop myself to the point where my heart chakra strobes, and I could pulsate or pump massive amounts of energy from myself into a patient, causing very evident changes to their condition.

What sort of things would help me on this journey? Would daily self-healing of aches or deplenished energy (or any sort of healing from the heart) result in myself becoming a better healer? Or must I heal others to become a better healer?

Much thanks

21st October 2009, 02:33 PM
First of all, doing NEW extensively is a good way to start. Even though most healers (that I have read) advocate self healing is good for practice, I believe healing others is the best way to practice. This is because you get used to channeling the energy, and it keeps the flow going. Practice on your family, your pets, even your plants. This helps to help you learn what the energy feels like, what other people's energy feels like while healthy and while sick (I specifically look for 'too hot' or 'too cold' spots), and it helps keep your loved ones healthy, helping with your peace of mind.

26th December 2009, 03:09 AM
Wow- that's a big question in many ways. There's a lot to say on becoming a good healer. I'll address some points that came to mind as I read your post.

If you specifically want to use Robert's Healing from the Heart technique, I have to recommend NEW, to get you used to flowing energy in those particular ways. Robert more or less created that technique as a direct extension of NEW, so studying NEW will get you a large part of the way there. Also- clearing and developing your energy channels (which NEW does) is necessary to get really strong flows going, and to make sure your system handles a pulsating chakra well.

I believe self-healing practices will help you in many ways.
-Keeping your energy system in good shape is key for doing powerful energy work, healing or otherwise.
-Practicing on yourself IS different than on another person, but it gives you an opportunity to constantly practice. It also allows you to start having experiences that your patient will one day have ("Oh- that's what an emotional block felt like when cleared"; "This is what a post-healing purge can feel like", etc). Without knowledge and sympathy, you will be like a surgeon who removes the cancer, but walks away before sewing up the wound, never mind following up on recovery and life after surgery.
-Ultimately we need to *value* the concept of health and wellbeing. You can want to help others all day long, but ultimately, that's not enough. You must know what health is, and why it's important. You must hold these values in your heart as you heal. You also need to have a clear idea why you should be affecting another person with your energy. A lot of us have been raised to value the concept of "helping" without being taught what it really means: my upbringing said "taking care of others is good, and ignoring others is bad." I set about my first 20 years giving every ounce of my being away to other people, because I "wanted to help" and because "caring was good". Only after my life completely fell apart did I see that I had created a very unbalanced state of affairs. When I was finally forced to scale back on giving, and start the self-care process, did I start learning lessons about truly being a healer. I entirely changed my approach to others based on what I learned from myself. A site I could highly recommend, which frequently discusses concepts of balance between the care of others and the care of self is http://www.beyond-within.com/ . A lot of the information portion is located under the "blog" section.

Technique-wise and experience-wise, you will find self-healing and healing others to be different. So strive to learn both.

Learning other modalities of healing tends to teach you different things. Some teach energy movement, others about the aura, others about removing negative energy, others about increasing positive energy. Learning different concepts and technqiues are good. As a beginner, learning about what healing energy feels like is very helpful. For this reason and others, I frequently recommend learning Reiki.

The way you worded a few things makes me also want to say this- remember healing is for the patient. We love to see the effects of our work, but make sure you have within your heart their best wellbeing. Realize that healing can be a tough, heart-wrenching process. Realize that a lot of people heal in spurts, dancing around issues until they finally find a powerful enough motivation to heal fully. This can make a healer's life difficult, and sometimes it can be hard to step away from OUR wants, be it out eants to perform miracles, or even our wants for the other person. At the end of the day- they need to want to be healed. 98% of the healing, regardless of how many sessions you do, or how much energy you send, will be the patient's own doing. A healer mostly just helps allign and facilitate the process. (Edit: eh- sometimes it's 98%, but now that I think of it, there ARE times when hte healer does most of the work. It varies based on the situation. Still though- I stick by my point that the healer is just a part of the process, and more often than not the healee is in charge of ensuring success.)

27th December 2009, 07:06 AM
Experience comes with practice. So practice and do so often and with many.
Give yourself into it. Omg no worries but it is normal to run into you who is much better than you or anyone else you know. And even if they are spirits they totally kick ass.