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24th October 2009, 04:22 PM
It is said that sometimes the soul can stuck in our world after dead, becoming earthbound spirit, which need to be "released", otherwise it will haunt the house/building/person.

I'm currently participating in paranormal investigation that requires "sending the spirit to the light", and since I'm the most experienced person in the group performing the investigation, I'll be the one to do the honors :). Good thing is it's not my first time, anyway - the thought just hit me, even if I've done this before, this time I should learn more before "going into the action" - I don't know, maybe this time it won't be as easy as before and my spirit guide is trying to teach me something new (he doesn't say "find someone more experienced" so I'm not looking... yet). OK, so...

Sending a spirit to the light, "releasing it" is about helping the spirit move from our world to the world beyong, whatever that means (depends on everyone' belief). As Taoistic Shamanist, I've been taought that in the process of spirit releasement we have to first establish a contact with a spirit (i.e. via "telepathic" way), then project specific thoughts, like love and friendship, compassion, forgivenes, and we also have to ask for forgiveness, then just ask the spirit to move into the light. And that's the basic method I used in the past.

Now, I did some research and found some other things, like when the above isn't working, one should call up the friends and family of the spirit who died earlier, and ask them to take the sould with them. The Archangel Michael is also mentioned when we're digging deeper into more magical rituals, like these of Golden Dawn or Kabbalah, not mentioning minor pentagram rituals mentioned in Robert Bruce's book "Practical Psychic Self-Defense". We can also find instructions mentioning not asking, but ordering the spirit to leave, but for some reasons this just doesn't sound right to me, it's too aggressive method for an earthbound spirit, don't you think?

And we have also more "earthly" method of learning the ghost's history, the reasons why it's stuck on our plane, and helping it by finishing its unfinished businesses - which would be hard because (a) the historical referrences are impossible to found and (b) we don't have that advanced psychic with us ;).

So... I think I'm lost - I'm not total newbie to practical side of releasing spirits (nor psychic attacks, I'm always sticking my nose in wrong places, but... I'm still alive, heh), but I had a need to learn more about spirit releasement for some reasons, and for some reasons I have an urge to ask for small help here. Maybe the reason is that this time I'm dealing with more malicious spirit than before and sending it away won't be so easy. So I'm asking, or should I say, I wonder - have any of you had any experiences with releasing earthbound spirits? What tips or advices can you share, what is good, what is bad?

24th October 2009, 04:48 PM
On the couple of occasions when I've had to deal with entities, I just spoke to them firmly. It doesn't matter if I can hear what they have to say, I just tell them I'm here now, I'm taking charge of the situation, and this is what's going to happen. So far, it's always worked for me. I KNOW I have the power to tell them to stop pestering people or to go to the light or whatever, and they generally don't argue.

I don't think this is just because I'm so all-fired powerful or anything (I don't believe I'm any more powerful than anyone else). Fact is, going into a situation and taking charge will work with living people, too. Show up somewhere, looking official, wearing the right clothes, carrying a clipboard, whatever, introduce yourself and tell people what's going to happen, and you'd be utterly shocked at how willing people are to bow to authority.

It seems to work on non-physical beings (like hauntings), too. I think the biggest thing is your intention and your belief that you really DO have authority in the situation, and you do. Why not? The spirit/ghost/entity/whatever obviously is lost and confused, you may as well step in and sort things out.

That's my experience, anyway. Your mileage may vary. ;)

25th October 2009, 06:59 PM
That's what my spirit guide told me - knowing I have the authority to send spirits away is the most powerful... hmm, "weapon" I can use. How did I get this authority is another story ;). Dealing with living people is relatively easy, a lot of experience in this field I have, but dealing with spirits is something different, you never know what you might encounter or experience. Or maybe the only difference between spirits and living people is that in second case you can attend to courses teaching you how to talk and communicate with people, and there's no way to learn this in normal way in case of spirits? Oh my, turns out I answered my own doubts by brainstorming simple phrase: "practise is the key"...

Thanks! :)

8th November 2009, 02:22 AM
It makes me want to puke. All the instructions I see on how to councel spirit attachments, how to regress spirit attachments, how to cradle them, how to coddle them .... and then several hours and several hundreds oof dollars later, we're just supposed to hope that maybe we can ~convince~ them that they should leave????

Please! Yes, what about that authority we all have?? Don't we at least have jurisdiction over our own souls/auras/bodies? Isn't there some sort of intergalactic law that guarantees us at least that?? Even if the attachment was by consent at one time, however unconscious or however accidental, shouldn't we still have the moment-by-moment authority to say at any time, "forget the past and how you got here. this is MY body, i reclaim it and want you gone NOW!!"

If not then what kind of existence is this?? If anybody or anything can just attach to us and influence us at any time and we can't do anything about it unless we happen to know about certain western new-age subjects and names of various archangels, etc. ???

It doesn't matter who these thigns are, how they got there, whatever. If we open our hearts to them in deposession that's just yet one more vulnerability they can exploit. That's a very valuable lesson that many people reincarnate over and over and over again to learn: that love and empathy has to be met with equal parts wisdom and understandign and strength. And when that happens, it's easy to realise, that there is no tolerating these things. There is no pandering these things, or paying for their therapy. At the very outset, they are attached to us in service to themselves, they are dangerous, they must be dealt with quickly and sternly. In this type of situation it is imperative for us to look out for ourselves first (as therapists and as hosts) and then the attached entities' wants/desires rate far far below in importance.

Why do I not see the 'authority' approach mentioned more often in my books on deposession/spirit detachment? Even if presented as an alternative to the willy-nilly-pease-go approach. Because the latter I'm not even willing to try. I don't even want to hear anything about it. I have work to do and I have no compassion for the entities attached to my wife and stepson. They have caused enormous damage to our lives. My wife has a spirit attachment that loves eating her body-weight in food and lounging in front of the tv for hours. She even admits this and describes her in the same words I would use. My step-son has a spirit attachment that loves food and video games. It's so strong on him I can almost smell the marijuanna from the spirit even though my stepson himself is only 12. If I don't get rid of this thing it's only a matter of time before he's a big fat video-game-addict/pothead. just like his attached spirit. My spirit attachment is a big fat alcoholic/drug addict that died around 1990 in Pittsburg from a drug overdose (i think). I know because I started having his dreams. He's a big fat mustache-wearing loser who drove a small car and and justifies his attachment to me out of the opinion that I"m not as homophobic as he thinks I should be.

Sometimes I sit and just gawk at how thick these books are that tell us everything about spirit attachment, except for the most important part. Which is that we can just command them to leave. Can't we??????

8th November 2009, 02:58 AM
yep. we perty much can.

8th November 2009, 06:24 AM
if its a personal problem try calling on people you know who have past away to come rescue this spirit.


5th February 2010, 06:28 PM
Here some of my experience, maybe it helps you:

To send souls that hang around into the light can be done often very easily. You just ask for a light column to be created or visualize one in your mind. This will cause a helper (angel) to create a light column. This is sometimes enough, as many souls just need to be reminded of the light - works usually for animals. If there is lots of souls, you can also "create" a light elevator instead and tell the souls to go inside - there you can use the "herd effect", so when some start going, usually all follow.

There are also bit more difficult cases. Some need a stairway or a gateway to heaven - so you could just create that for them (the angel creates what you visualize).
Some people might believe that they have to wait for the right day, or are not allowed to go to heaven, due to what they learned from churches mostly. Here it helps to tell them about forgiveness and that now is the right time to go to the light, as well as saying that their friends are waiting.

Some souls seem to not want to go and can be aggressive. That can be a bit tricky. Lots of these go, when you tell them they are afraid to go to the light or "have not the balls" to go. Some can be impressed by asking an angel to show himself, but angels are not going to force anyone into the light.

The rest, that still did not go need some other means of persuasion. Here it is a lot like with the living - there are different options to get people to do what you think is best for them. As a living person has to stay with once energy body away from the light, the spirits have to in the end go on their own.

This is just a short overview, but I think you might get the idea. You are dealing with people, so basically after you made the light column it is using your people skills.

I often wonder why on TV the mediums seem to either not help at all or make a huge fuss about this :mrgreen: