View Full Version : the trance state (reach two different types)?? please help

7th February 2006, 09:47 PM
hi my question is about the trance state i got there through ROPE method, i think it is the trance state because my body felt very HEAVY and was ASLEEP and my body gets HOT... but my mind is still awake and kind of irritated cause i dont have any more mental effort to continue rope cause my body feels so heavy and its kind of uncomfortable but i FELT it WAS ASLEEP. my mind was CLEARER but NOT completly CLEAR but i could clear it but there was some mental agitation there cause it was very HEAVY and it made me feeling HOT. i do get some moderate chakra activity when doing ROPE but i eventually reach this where my BODY feels asleep.

the second time which im not sure is the trance state is through meditation just clearing the mind first i was doing it a lot and then eventually mental falling, i reached a state of sort of more clarity, more energetic but i was more energetic that day for some reason, but yeah more relaxed, body felt slightly heavier but not like the first time to the point it was really hot and uncomfortably heavy but i KNEW IT WAS asleep the first time, anyway i tried ROPE now and this only HAPPENED once my HEART CHAKRA started rapidly beating but i knew it wasnt my HEART so i tried and keep going but eventually stopped cause my heart got too much and felt like a break, i found more concentration though... when i did this do you think its because i focused more on clearing my mind first

does anyone care to relate? please help because the first state where i knew my body was ASLEEP and it WAS EXTREMELY HEAVY and that was UNCOMFORTABLE but it was hot too, but this is what rob say is the trance state? if so i find it almost impossible to continue rope that way but its nice to meditate there for a while even though it can be really uncomfortable if your pushing your feeling effort to continue rope.

7th February 2006, 10:35 PM
im sorry i apologize i i didnt mean to post this topic in this forum... just been browsing through a few of them!

8th February 2006, 02:12 PM
First of all you should use a trance technique to enter trance (breathing, meditation, floating, falling). Rope is an exit technique, and if you use it to induce trance you will be tired by the time you enter trance and then it will just pass or you'll fall asleep. You should be in trance before trying rope. If you are in trance but not quite ready to get out, then meditate until you get images in front of your eyes- then try rope- if no dice, try to animate them (control them) without going into a dream- then they can help you to get out, they can throw a rope at you, etc. if this doesn't spook you. (Yes, I've done it and it actually works.)

8th February 2006, 03:39 PM
thanks cftraveller i think that explains it!
ill try that image technique sometime lol

ive been having a lot of luck with energy raising techniques over last few days robert bruces explains in his treatise (Not new) last night made a circuit a lot of energy indeed, i just concentrate on raising energy to the bass chakra did it for nearly a hour and half yesterday even though some times it feels like its doing not much only tingles and sometimes gentle throbbing still i reached a sort of nice grey whitish state even though my spine was hurting i kept going and concentrating,
but at the end once i took a break for a while my bass chakra suddenly began throbbing really heavily, so later that night i tookit as a opportunity to raise more energy too different primary chakras, made a circuit! thanks cftraveller!!! thanks rob!!!, so needless to say if you perseve with robs techniques they certainly work even though you think they might not be doing anything, all you have to do is feel like your grabbing energy through your legs to your bass its just feeling! energy is all around you i think lol

i wanna know is this energy what the chinese/tibetan/indians call chi? im into reading tibetan books, meditation etc is it chi?

8th February 2006, 08:20 PM
is this energy what the chinese/tibetan/indians call chi? im into reading tibetan books, meditation etc is it chi? I suppose you could say chi is a type of energy.
chi=prana= energy.
But as science has begun to show, everything is energy, anyway.