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8th February 2006, 07:15 AM
I have been told that I need to open my root chakra, and my crown chakra aswell. The root chakra is supposed to be opened before the crown chakra, i heard.

I was told to lightly press my index and lumb together chanting LAM for several minutes and also, bend the knees slightly letting all my wight go to the floor.

Anyone know any other techniques, these ones didnt seem to work too well.

8th February 2006, 02:04 PM
Here's a meditation to open your root chakra:
Sit on the floor with your legs as comfortable as possible, cross or bend them so the soles meet (whichever is more comfortable). Make sure the area of your root is in contact with the floor. Close your eyes and feel the ground beneath you. Breathe in and out slowly; establish a rythmn that feels natural to you. Now imagine the center of the earth way below you, imagine the molten fire going around and around; the heat; the power; feel its pull on your body, how if feels connected to the ground. Next imagine a red streak of energy (like a laser, for example) going from the center of the earth up to your root; feel its power and warmth entering you as you breathe, and feel it going inside the root and giving it power and heat. Imagine your root getting warmer and glowing red with the heat of the earth- enjoy the feeling of connection you have with the earth- feel the red color radiating from your chakra. If necessary imagine it as a glowing red ball of power, a miniature of the center of the earth. Feel yourself tethered to the center of the earth. Feel the connection.
Now, if that doesn't do it... :?

8th February 2006, 04:03 PM
The root chakra is about feelings of safety and security. It deals with things like money and having a place to live. The best way to make long term changes to open up your root or base chakra is to start making changes in your life to increase feelings of being supported and of having everything you need. Mantra, mudra, asanas, herbs, and meditations can support your efforts, but often it is necessary to approach at the same time by making changes in your beliefs and lifestyle. This leads to more lasting changes.

9th February 2006, 02:32 AM
Thanks for posting that, CF...

I am having such a devil of a time getting any NEW sensations out of my root chakra. AD says that if you're getting sensations in higher chakras that some energy is indeed going through, but I'd love for it to be as active as my other ones are.

Right now I'm kind of at,

Root chakra: No sensations whatsoever from NEW work
Navel chakra: Very strong sensations. Rumbles and burbles a lot on its own
(Solar plexus chakra: Strong, sometimes blends too well with navel to tell apart)
Heart chakra: Good sensations
Throat chakra: Mild sensations
Brow chakra: Strong sensations
Crown chakra: Good sensations

9th February 2006, 03:14 AM
Any time I've had trouble feeling a chakra and getting it to move, I poke it. It sounds odd but it works for me. Focusing on the physical sensation sometimes helps you open your awareness to the energetic sensation, and then you can get energy flowing.

Of course you're talking about the root chakra, which is pretty close to the sex organs so do be careful that you don't get aroused and lose your concentration. If that happens, this probably isn't the right technique for you.

9th February 2006, 06:21 AM
You must feel, that is the key to energy The rest will follow

9th February 2006, 09:59 AM
the root chakra i dont think has anything to do with money or physical things like that, it actually strobes and you feel it pounding/throbbing heavily if you

FEELING is the key!

Raising energy for long enough to it, it will start strobing at soaring heights.. theres energy all around you all you have to do is feel like your grabbing it and bringing up to your root chakra with breath awareness, i did it for a hour and half to my root chakra with breath awareness

now its a lot more active to the point its soared, my root chakra use to be so inactive but now a lot more active all you gotta do is FEEL like your grabbing the energy that is the power of thought! before you do this i reccomend you get to grips with robert bruces m.b.a so you can use your awareness. i used his treatise though, CHECK IT OUT. Believe rob he speaks the truth i believe :)

9th February 2006, 04:13 PM
You have to deal with things on their own level. The root chakra requires a very material approach toward changing it. No matter how much meditation you do, if you don't feel safe and secure in your environment it won't open up your base chakra by itself. It takes several approaches at once and the most effective is to actually change your life. Evaluate what is working so you can make it stronger. See what is not working so you can fix it. Then your base chakra will open up.

9th February 2006, 07:16 PM
everyone seems to be working with NEW but personally the TREATISE energy raising techniques ive had good success with but i persevered with them
mastered some of mba very quickly in NEW though before

and also there is energy all around you its proven in physics objects are just energy and thats a fact

rob will understand what im saying if he was here
trust me rob should back me up on this

9th February 2006, 07:28 PM

Dragon's Daughter
9th February 2006, 07:42 PM
Should anyone use any kind of caution in working with chakras? What's people's feeling on this? Could there be side effects they need to watch for?


9th February 2006, 07:52 PM
well if you raise to much energy to the bass for too long its starts to hurt painfully and i felt like something could come out of it maybe the kundalini spike? this is how Rob raised kundalini he spent hours raising energy to the bass chakra, something like 8 hours a day for weeks i think, i only spended at the most around a hour and a half and thats how i got my bass really active..
also i sensed some craziness one time madness, you need a lot of mental concentration, calmness, and also develop eradicating your ego, your desires etc, but this is just for excessive bass chakra raising. other ones spleen chakra (sub navel) and others i think you can raise a lot of energy to them without being worried too much but im not completly sure.

protection from god i would imagine too and fasting before if you plan on spending ages raising energy to root, cause i felt like my bowls could eventually go,

fasted a lot in the past mainly water fasting it tests your perseverance and is a great way for purification, its very spiritual too so i imagine a long water fast would be best..

Dragon's Daughter
9th February 2006, 08:05 PM
I was curious because I've seen 'warnings' in the past about messing with your chakras actively but no one was mentioning that.



10th February 2006, 01:54 AM

Here's my two cents for the pile.

I've really enjoyed the NEW system.. it's given me more results than I've had with working with visualization techniques. I think RB gives some very good advice in advising that secondary systems should be strengthened and developed before venturing into chakra work, at least a few months' worth of work, with close attention paid to the energy resistance experienced in those secondary pathways.

I learned from a pretty good mistake... trying to stimulate brow chakra before doing any other kind of preliminary work with the supporting paths and chakras. I guess I wanted to know what it felt like, and it seemed so easy to stimulate. Boy did I run into a heap of trouble... I had headaches, reality disassociation, and went through about four days of "mental fog." It got so bad that one night as I was driving home THROUGH a fog, I was seriously concerned that I had made up the fog and had to double check with someone else that there had been fog.

But it was a valuable mistake in that I learned a) the consequences of overstimulating a chakra that was not ready, and b) what it felt like to overstimulate it. I guess I liken the energy body to being much like exercising the physical body in that you have to pay close attention to what your muscles and body are telling you. Are you sore? Aching? Tired? Trembly? Should you be spacing out your exercise a day apart to give your muscle fibers a chance to heal? Should you be limiting your daily work to say, an hour of cardio, and hour of weight training?
AD says to only stimulate a chakra for a few minutes and to move on after the first signs of activity. (And to move on, regardless of any signs of activity.) I think that's a fairly safe way to approach it...

After that I didn't touch chakras at all and spent 3-4 months working with the secondary system ONLY. The reward was that when I started with the chakra work, I had none of those problems when stimulating the brow center. This is quite a boon, as when previously I opened up reiki energy I'd feel too much energy going through brow chakra and have to divert it or risk a headache.

10th February 2006, 04:13 AM
Hey guys,

Today I tried yoga, it was my second time trying it and I noticed when I got out of the class i felt so grounded. I still do right now but its sort of fading.

11th February 2006, 09:18 PM
i think you should keep sticking at the yoga i plan on starting some too soon, as they say no pain no gain! good luck with everything brett

13th February 2006, 03:05 PM
NEW energy-work is just a by-product of core feeling, so in truth both are applicable in this case. Feelings of being grounded are a good sign in progress towards working on the root chakra. I have found yoga style positions to actually be very effective in stimulation of the root chakra.

Like with all chakras, just by focusing on it should be enough to activate it - so focusing on it while in a relaxed state or during yoga should prove quite useful.

While root requires grounding and physical sense Crown is quite the opposite, if you wish to activate it an awareness of oneness and completeness is required - the resonance of AUM. Btw this can be worked upon at will, there is no *need* for root chakra to be active before working on crown, and conversely.

Good luck.