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31st December 2009, 03:23 AM
to suffer means to have lived.

to have lived means to exist.

to be able to exist at all is a beautiful thing, no matter the experience.

to exist is beautiful in itself because it is such a mystery as to why an object within this universe is capable of perceiving itself as an object of existence.

to perceive oneself as an object of existence is more than just what one realizes.

it exemplifies the capability of this object in the universe to be able to realize itself as separate from the rest of the universe, when in fact it is merely apart of the universe.

it causes this object to strive to preserve itself against the universe and its cosmic flow.

to attempt to defy cosmic time in an attempt to ensure its segregation against the universe.

this defiance is exactly what occurs when one attempts to strive for life.

this defiance manifests when the mere object of the universe that is capable of perceiving itself as an object that which exists attempts to ensure that its own life force is not dissentegrated and blended with the rest of the universe.

of course, at the time of passing, it is inevitable to lose oneself to the cosmic clock when the physical body starts to wither away and blends back in with the rest of nature, the rest of the universe.

the emotional aspect of suffering is quite different.

the emotional aspect of suffering is directly related to einstein's theory of relativity.

objects moving uniformly in respect to one another do not see each other as moving, which is essentially what is occurring when things are one.

without suffering there is no perception of happiness.

without the perception of happiness, there is no perception of suffering.

because there would then be neither happiness nor suffering, there would be no perception a neutral state of being. there is essentially, zero motion, like two objects moving in total uniform with one another.

it is the perception suffering that allows one to experience what is happiness.

therefore, the differing degrees of happiness is based on its relativity to the amount of suffering that one can perceive.

so be thankful for your ordeals, for it is through suffering one learns to love.