View Full Version : Trouble with heart and brow chakra

12th February 2006, 03:10 PM
Hi all! I'd like to share with you the experience I had. Last night, I was in bed and decided to try to stimulate and open all my chakras for the first time.
After reading so much I was curious to know what it felt like. Concentrated on my feet and legs and the energy quickly began to raise. I found that using the HANDS didn't do much for me. Instead I just imagine the tingling and the energy moving and I quickly start feeling it. Took some minutes to pull energy to the area in the base of the spine hoping to find the base chakra. Suddenly I started feeling a pressure between my anus and my genitals. It grew stronger and stronger. At some point it felt like I had this huge ball inside of me and it was strongly pulsing like a heart.
I started then to pull energy to my lower abdomen area. At first I thought I wasn't going to find the chakras but after enough energy was pulled up I started feeling another ball right below my bellybutton (navel chakra). After stimulated with enough energy it also began pulsing. I moved to the upper abdomen and also found the solar plexus chakra. It felt like a pressure ball next to my stomach. I must say this three chakras were the most active. I felt them strongly pulsing and active.
I tried to go to the heart chakra while continuously pulling energy from the lower parts. It didn't take too much to find it and feel it. When I pumped enough energy to this chakra my heart rate would increase rapidly but as soon as I returned to the lower chakras it would decrease so I was not able to make it pulse or beat rapidly all the time. Sometimes I would even stop feeling it and had to search it all over again. I found it hard to stimulate and open this chakra. Don't really know why.
Next I found the throat chakra. I felt a gentle pulsing and a lump on the base of my throat. Then I tried the hard part. The third eye. I kept pulling energy to my forehead and going back to stimulate it to raise through the legs and chakras and to go to my brow area. The energy going up my head felt like a cold wind inside. I would feel a cold sensation flowing up. I was able to feel the tingling on my forehead and felt a pressure on a single point between my brows. Next thing it looked like someone had entered my room and turned on the lights because it got brighter through my eye lids. I reacted by opening the eyes to see who it was. Nobody was there, no light was turned on and I had lost it. Then I was only able to feel the eye but I couldn't open it. By this time 3 hours had passed (very fast!), I was hungry, my heels hurted, was very tired, sleepy and my third eye was not responding so I decided to stop the chakra work. I've noticed that my third eye is very connected to the heart chakra. Once my heart chakra started pulsing harder, I'd feel my third eye more active and trying to open. That would explain why I couldn't open it as I was having a hard time with the heart chakra.
Anyway it felt great :D At some point, I couldn't feel the lower half of my body and it felt like I was floating inside myself. Too bad the upper half was not enough stimulated.
After waking up, the next morning, I could still feel my base chakra gently pulsing. It's very active since then. I can always feel it.

How often can I repeat this chakra work? I'd like to work more on the upper chakras but I don't want to get it overdeveloped.
I would apreciate some suggestions about how to deal with this heart chakra/third eye chakra problem =) Thanks =D