View Full Version : Haiti: Donate automatically to relief effort by text message

16th January 2010, 04:55 AM
By now we should all know about the recent 7+ magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti.

The eventual death toll has been estimated as high as 500,000, the most recent I've seen on the news is 200,000 and this disaster's implications are particularly grim for a country that never had a superb government or economy in the first place...

Therefore, I encourage anyone who would like to help to text one of the following numbers to donate either $10 or $5 USD to the relief effort. The money is deducted automatically from your phone bill.

#: 90999
Donates $10 to American Red Cross

#: 501501
Text: YELE
Donates $5 to Yele Haiti. I don't know how reliable this organization is compared to the Red Cross, but if you're truly strapped for cash, go ahead.

Thank you.