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17th February 2010, 05:34 AM
What I mean by that is this: Have any of you ever felt out someone's spirit to get a feel for what type of person they are? How did you do it?

17th February 2010, 02:09 PM
Yes. And I can even go inside someone's perspective and sort of see how they think (not specifically what they think, but the "shape" of their thoughts, the way they're "wired", so to speak), and also walk around (or sometimes fly around) inside someone else's "inner landscape".

Generally, I don't do this, however. Not only do I consider it something of an invasion of privacy (even though most people never know I've "been there"), walking around inside someone else's inner landscape can be quite unpleasant, depending on the person. All sorts of booby traps and strange stuff that you just don't want to know about someone...

I will say that I will sometimes assess someone this way if I'm doing business with them, because in that case, I think a very shallow peek into what they're up to is in order. It pays to get a feel for someone's general honesty or intentions in some cases.

How do I do it? I have no idea. I just reach out and feel for them. I've always been empathic and clairsentient, and as I've gotten older, those qualities have just gotten stronger. Energy work and meditation have also helped in strengthening those abilities, as well.

17th February 2010, 02:22 PM
I always can but I don't do it on purpose- I just "know". And depending on the type of person they are, it can be difficult to even be in the same room with them. For the most part, it's not a 'fun' ability.

17th February 2010, 04:15 PM
For the most part, it's not a 'fun' ability.
I would agree with that. It requires continual vigilance to avoid being overwhelmed, I find.

17th February 2010, 04:49 PM
What a beautiful gift are these two hands of mine. Why I may with them 'feel', to touch and sense such life through and from them.

But, I may not touch and feel as I might through temptation like to; for this is forbidden.

As above so below, as below so above, as within so without, as without so within...

And i ask those that think by feeling that they would know another. is that to say that what you touch with your hands you as well automatically know? hogwash of the thinking mind

Just as one might pick up with the hand any article of matter, and by that feeling are unable to render to mind its composition, the self-same is true of this 'feeling another's spirit'.

what is thought by thinking as knowing is not Knowing at all, it is but that which an individual filter caught by captivation to notice; thereby it is only that which is within one's own self that by attraction did find compatibility in relationship.

thus, be careful to introspect your own self in these spontaneous occasions, that you in your self may become truer to your own true self.

it is far too easy to project these 'feelings' as being from 'someone else' as origin.

this gift is as poison, be it of spirit or not; and who among us is ready to drink from that cup?


18th February 2010, 05:34 PM
Hmm,yes it happened to me twice so far.The first time I saw this man I've been dreaming about for so long and we never touched and we just looked at each other but I saw above him this entity like an amazing sun.I believed it might have been his HS and I was mesmerized and he kept starring at me the whole time as if in shock.Maybe he saw the same thing above me? The other time it was after this man followed me into the bus and waited until I got off after 45 minutes to talk to me.Yes,weird !When I shook his hand I got this images flashing before my eyes and I realized that he was from Egypt or somewhere close by there and all he was doing was trying to spy on me.He told me his name was Henry and I just knew he was lying and he was only trying to find out my name and phone number.As I was looking for a piece of paper to write down my name and number he was looking very closely at me and inside my purse.I gave him my real name and number but he never called me.I got the feeling that he was a private investigator and I wondered why he he traveled for 45 minutes to get my name and number but he never called. I don't usually get to shake people's hands these days,so I can't say that it happened again.


What I mean by that is this: Have any of you ever felt out someone's spirit to get a feel for what type of person they are? How did you do it?