View Full Version : Can you die during astral travelling?

18th February 2010, 05:14 PM
So, one of my major fears is that if I leave my body, I will not be able to return to it. In other words, I might die. To others harboring the same fear, I recommend the following article.

http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/wellness/ ... ral-travel (http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/wellness/wellness/view/20100216-253394/Is-it-possible-for-one--to-die-during-astral-travel)

18th February 2010, 06:02 PM
I read the article and disagreed with various points. Having an OBE or AP is not like 'going somewhere', it's like falling asleep. It is probably more likely that you will get run over by a runaway bus while crossing the street than you will die while sleeping, and AP is functionally the same as sleeping- it is simply your consciously turning away from physical input and focusing on extraphysical input.
Yes, you do expand your energy body and your conscious awareness focuses on that energy (it actually splits it's focus, as Robert's Mind-Split theories espouse, and most experienced travelers experience), but it doesn't 'leave' the body empty.
The silver cord can't be 'cut'- Once again, the silver cord being cut would be the result of the body dying in the first place, and the spirit and soul leaving to go on to the next thing- but it is an effect, not a cause.
(Of course, the last phrase is my opinion, but it is an opinion based on lots of study and experience, and I can get into the logic of it if you want me to).

19th February 2010, 06:02 AM
I used to have that fear. I was worried that if I "left" my body, it would be unprotected and subject to possession or something (I wasn't actually afraid of dying).

It IS just fear, though. You don't actually "leave" your body. You don't "go" anywhere. It's only your conscious awareness and attention that gets directed elsewhere. It feels like "leaving" in a lot of cases, but nothing is "going" anywhere (time and space are illusions, anyway, as is your material body, so where are you going to "go"?). In my experience, it's not unlike dreaming. Your awareness/consciousness is just in a different focus.

So, unless you have good reason to believe that you're likely to die in your sleep (severe sleep apnea? ninjas likely to pump poison gas into your sleeping chamber? night nurse with homocidal tendencies going to inject your IV with an overdose of potassium?), you're no more likely to have that happen when you're "out of body" than when you're dreaming or in deep sleep. In other words, it's not worth worrying about (and if you DO have any medical condition or you sleep in a particularly dangerous environment, you should probably be atttending to that in your waking hours, anyway ;)).