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17th February 2006, 10:36 AM
Energy Manipulation Through Object Familiarization
( EMF )

The understanding of the energy that your body creates, in essence will give the wielder the ability to manipulate this energy that your body is creating. In conjunction with this idea, being able to recognize the feeling, sense, and energy that a common item expulses, should allow a person to channel the body’s energy into or around an item. By doing so, you can transform your body’s energy to reach from ones own Etheric Body into this object, to manipulate movement of the object.

So, theoretically if you become very familiar with an object ( like a paper clip ), and constantly inspect and fondle this object, and consciously recognize the energy this item is giving off, you should be able to connect with the item on a sub atomic level. Being able to “connect” with an object is the first step in being able to manipulate that object. Telekinesis in aspect is the ability to move objects with your mind and thought. This is not far from the truth. I believe it to be more of sharing your body’s energy with the energy created by other objects.

The second part to being able to master this technique, is being able to understand the energy that your body creates in itself, your Etheric Body. Robert Bruce covers a lot of what is needed to understand and help your body progress in creating this “Energy”. You can find more information on this by looking up Robert Bruce’s writings on “NEW V2 ( New Energy Way’s Volume 2 ). Just the idea that you can create insurmountable amounts of energy that you can use every day, to manipulate your feelings, emotions, and general sense of life around you. After you have become more familiar with your body’s Natural Created Energy ( NCE ), you should be able to familiarize yourself with the ability to manipulate your own energy, to encompass other objects. Then all it is essentially, is Manipulating that energy again, as it is part of you, to encompass the object, and move your energy ( Energy that has become intertwined with that object, because of your familiarization of that object ), thus moving the object with your energy.

So the way I see it, is that Telekinesis is not the ability to move objects with your mind, but move objects with your own naturally created energy from your body and Chakras. Maybe with this bit of information, I only hope that Telekinesis seems more attainable rather than a fathoming idea of moving the impossible with just a single thought.

These are of my own thoughts, not taken from anyone else’s writings ideas or concepts. I am always open to change, and constructive criticism. So please, enlighten me with your ideas. Maybe we can create a new form of thinking on the subject and help others attain what most people see as a unattainable ability.

Sam Ponce
EMF Author