View Full Version : Adi Da Samraj

1st March 2010, 04:40 AM
Around 6 months ago I had a very vivid dream of communicating with a Being -the head was human-looking, with the front part bald, but the hair at the back was really long & "flowing out to one side". His entire form was actually rippling & "flowing", in fact & he seemed to be suspended or floating.

Nearby was a ring of small fires & a group of people in orange robes. The Being spoke to me, stressing my name in 2 syllables in a rather peculiar accent, asking me whether i was going to join the group. I woke up as I said the words, "Yes, I am going to join you lock, stock , barrel & insence!"

I had no idea who the Being may have been, & was mildly concerned about who or what I had just pledged allegiance to, until I was idly browsing, following various links (on Friday, 26th February of this year) & came on the exact likeness of the "head" - I recognised him at once. It was a small photo of someone called Adi Da Samraj.

Am quite amazed & puzzled, as I have never had any contact with his teachings that I know of, but when I investigated him a bit further, found he set up the "Fear No More Zoo", which really "resonates" with me!

Has anyone here had any experience of him/his teachings etc?