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18th February 2006, 01:21 PM
hi, i havent been on in quite a while, but yeh..

I need information about rage i have been finding myself getting into fights at school.

heres the base line...
i go to school its crappy and then people pay out on me and it makes me really mad. i always end up getting into arguments and they try to hit me.

when this feeling comes over me it feels like a pulse of rage almost, i guess, like fire. and then i shake alot and i feel as if im going to lose control.
and the problem with this is when the feeling comes over me i get physically srtong and i have almost this continuous power and then no one can hurt me... its really wierd
and this probably has nothing to do with energy at all, but it feels like energy.
i CAN feel it there. its strange.

help? :?

18th February 2006, 01:57 PM
Rage is a natural body emotion. It is a survival defense mechanism which, as you have found out, is very effective!

Yes, it is a type of energy, but it is a very base energy. Rage and anger are a very 'animal' type of energy that is of very low frequency, meaning it is of a very low awareness level. When angry, we bocome very strong, due to the rush of adrenaline, and we are also very focused, though this isn't because we are more aware, rather it is because of a narrowing of awareness.

Anger and rage are natural, and have their time and place, but this should be extremely rare, like a life-and-death situation. One thing to do might be to try to understand why it is that you get in so many arguments at school. Certainly, there are many other ways of relating that are much more productive, and will be less hurtful to everyone, yourself included, in the long run. :)

18th February 2006, 02:02 PM
i wish i could control it i just made myself very angry then im practiceing with it.. i havent really tryed the NEW but im trying it my own way.

and amazingly it actually worked.

i dont even know if i was making myself feel rage its so hard when your calm, to all of a sudden get really mad again

25th February 2006, 10:40 PM
I stopped fighting a while back. But my lust for battle with another grows, i want to rip peoples eyes out and kill them in the most harsh way (The people who bully me) And yes, i've gotten that quick rush of adrenaline thing. It feels like your body is exploding with excitement and that in order to channel this power you must use it on someone or something. Although nowadays i only get it when i don't need it. I used to get chased by large groups of muslims who lived in my road and tried to beat me up, fearing for my safety i ran, but i could never fight one of them.

I think you might laugh at me, but i've noticed in the past few years i get an intense burst of speed and strength when i'm out at night. It's hard for me, (whilst the darkness is in view) to get tiredness of running. Do you think that it may be a magical property, or that my mind fears something lurking in the night is chasing me. Plus, i just looked at the monitor and i projected it changing shape. It's moving right now when i'm typing :D :twisted: :D

26th February 2006, 07:04 AM
When i was younger, about the age of 9 or 10 or so. I lived in San Antonio Texas. the school i was attending was majority ruled by Blacks and Mexicans. mostly gang orientated. this was in the early 90's. Being white, i was a racial target of getting jumped, beat up, picked on, etc. I was lucky if i could get through a day without getting punched in the face. i was always a small guy, so retaliation was something i tried to stay as far away from as i could. Fear dominated my emotions. and with fear came rage, anger, and depression. not being able to do anything about situations like these tends to bring out very primal behavior in people. about 2 years of getting jumped, beat up, etc. i became very very hostile towards everyone and everything. i started letting my anger take over completely, as self control was no longer really an option for me. one day, a mexican kid caught me at my locker, he was bigger, stronger, and easily faster than me. he threw me against my locker, and proceded to start punching me in the face. something snapped in me, and my anger thus took over my actions. with his friends watching him beat on me. i got up hastely, and let out 2 years worth of aggression, depression, and anger out on this kid. i completely shattered the cartilage in his nose, cracked the side bridge of his left eye, and broke 2 of his ribs. i could not stop shaking after the events unfolded. Tears rushing from my eyes even though i was not sad. my face was swollen, but i could not feel any pain. i broke 2 growth plates in my right hand. it was pretty nasty.

But from all that. and other events that took place later on. i can look back at it all. and see that Anger is a very real, and one of the most powerful primal energy's that a human is capable of. it's very hard to control anger, especially constantly being put down, and being the ass end of jokes and ridicule. but, with meditation, energy work, and a bit of help from others that know where your coming from. it's pretty easy to almost entirely bury that kind of energy and emotion.

it took me 4 years of seeing a psychiatrist to finally get over my anger issues, and depression. but from all of it, i have gained alot, like the ability to completely subdue my anger and emotions. even though thats not always a good thing! Best bet is to just stop, when in these situations, before it escalates, and think of what your Going to do, or capable of doing to other people, and why it's not a good idea to do it. being able to stop, think, and then react, will save you some court fee's, and free time. people in general treat others poorly, because they are jelous of you.

Just keep that in mind, and you should be able to control your actions, and these emotions. Your a better person, that to let your rage, anger control you, and your actions. it takes a fool to cause harm, it takes a man to laugh in his face.

26th February 2006, 04:36 PM
That's quite a story EMF.

Thanks for sharing it.