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18th February 2006, 10:57 PM
Can someone please me help figure out what I might be doing wrong? I know I must be close... This was actually the first time I have ever really tried to project and I know there just must be something I have missed or possibly left out.

I had some extra time this morning so I thought I would attempt a conscious exit projection. I did some stretching and body awareness/energy work - sat in my chair, and began to meditate in hopes of feeling vibrations.

After a good 30 minutes or so the first experience happened. I felt the trance state begin and then I became very loose, like I was floating. The blackness of my vision seemed to shoot forward endlessly as tho I was at the center of everything (very crazy feeling). I began to feel my heart rate accelerate to where I could feel it pounding in my chest. This sensation went directly into full body vibrations which were extremely strong. I attempted to use the rope technique and easily visualized everything. I felt as tho I was raising up but the vibrations were just to much so I freaked out and opened my eyes.

I stood up and walked around a bit - did some stretching and attempted it all over again. After another 25-30 minutes I got to the same heart rate and vibrations but this time I stuck with it and let things flow. It was like the vibrations were moving up and down my body and they were very powerful in my neck. It reminded me of an experience I had when I was rather young when I unknowingly grabbed an electric fence haha.

Suddenly the vibrations subsided and I was left feeling warm and tingly all over but still in a trance state.. I held my ground and waited for the vibrations to return, which they did, but once again I was unable to project.

Is it normal to feel all this the first time? I am very confident that I can make the vibrations return each time I meditate. I have no problem moving my awareness and feeling my astral hands massage my chakras etc. It seems like everything is going perfect until the vibrations get extreme (have some sore muscles in my neck after 3 episodes of this.. haha.) I tried to be as calm as possible and not tense up the best I could.

I apologize for the length of this post but I felt I really needed to elaborate on things as all of this just happened less the nan hour ago.

What can I do to take that next step and actually exit when these vibrations return? Are there any suggestions anyone might have which may help me? Any info concerning this would be greatly appreciated :)

19th February 2006, 01:23 AM

19th February 2006, 10:39 AM
Very much well done, Herron.
It seems to me as if your "virgin" mind as of obe matters, had directly forwarded you to the essentials; which is, the upcoming of vibrations.
Please, keep sure and certain that your confidence that you can return to those vibrations (or make them return...) is absolutely right;
you need the advice RB and BM give in the book as for how to manage vibrations and any other exit-related symptoms.
As you're still in the very beginning of this program, just go on with it. You can have a look on the introduction beginning each week in the program, at week 8 or so (you have to double-check, as i don't have the book right before me, and i can't remember exactly the chapter).
So to speak, you have gone far through what many would call the "school of OBE", as if you'd got a B+ grade, without reviewing your lessons !
Now you have to read a little bit more as how to manage your reactions and make it farther and farther each time.
Try to put your focus on how to manage your reactions to the sensations, and for this time being, set aside your exit goal. The exit is merely a result of your good managing of your reactions. It will come as easily as the vibrations came in; what you need is not over-reacting to the sensations, and a little bit more of reading how Robert and Brian comment those exit sensations and how to react to them.
I invite you to read about that, with just continuing the program normally.
See ya'

19th February 2006, 01:44 PM
I think there is a thread in the "Ask Robert Bruce" section in which someone asks essentially the same thing, and RB suggests that the person really did exit their body during these strong vibrations, but they don't remember it. He recommends reminding yourself to keep your first OBEs short, around 10 seconds, and dive back into your body shouting something you'll remember.

I sympathize, I have the same problem. The vibrations almost always disappear suddenly and I'm left wondering what I'm doing wrong.

19th February 2006, 03:13 PM
Good advice, all. I would add that at the crucial moment of vibration it is very important to maintain the surrender of the relaxation that allowed the trance and vibrations in the first place.

It appears you have the discipline and awareness to reach the vibration stage, but at that critical jumping off point where the body start to slip away things go awry. Feeling the body and mind seperate can be a very disconcerting experience, which the subconscious mind can actually rebel against if you are not thoroughly prepared. This can have the effect of an energy blockage.

Do not let it worry you, but you may want to meditate on your conviction to exit the body. The others advice will be good for reviewing this and any difficulty you may have with it in your mind.

19th February 2006, 05:24 PM
Thanks for the replies! I will definetly take your advice and read up on managing vibrations and exit symptoms. I think I am on my way - maybe just a bit too eager :) I will keep you informed as I progress

20th February 2006, 08:27 PM
Alright, after reading up on some things I tried again last night. This time a spent a lot of time with energy work and I could feel the energy pulsing through me - awesome feeling. The vibrations came and I noticed what felt like electric shock going through my eyes and up into my 3rd eye area. Anyone know what this means? The shocks were directly in my eyes at times.. particularly my left one.

The vibrations were throughout my whole body this time and not so horribly strong like before. I definitely felt the pressure in my abdomen area and it felt as tho mass amounts of energy was charging/gathering there.

I had a very interesting experience when this was going on. As a child there were always different "feelings" or "textures/patterns" that really frightened me. I never knew what they meant but they were a reoccurring thing all through my childhood. Well as these vibrations became strong, all of the particular feelings and things came rushing back. I saw them in a new light tho... I now believe that they were just exit symptoms. I believe I must have been projecting every night like Robert mentions in his book. I feel a lot better about these fears now :)

Well, I think I might try again today - as I have the day off.

Dragon's Daughter
20th February 2006, 08:47 PM
Some of us are experiencing alot of energy. See this post here... http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1683

This type of thing is somewhat different than OBEing. If you feel that you're experiencing this - PM me.


21st February 2006, 08:36 PM
First, let me congratulate you on your awesome successes. Achieving the vibrational state to the extent you've achieved it is a major hurdle. You deserve a big pat on the back. Keep it up!

It sounds like your first/second attempt where you managed getting to the vibrational state but then nothing seemed to happen might have been a success after all. You may have successfully projected but your projected double never properly downloaded the memory of the projection into conscious levels of the mind/brain. This can be a problem for those who stay too "awake" in their physical body while their projectable double is out and about.

Here is some advice on how to proceed during such instances when the second body seems to have projected:

* Remain relaxed.
* Keep your mind empty and receptive.
* Since you've decided to keep the first projections short, wait for your second body to return with the memories.
* Practice saying "I will remember this" just before returning to your physical body. This can help give the second double a bit of a boost, energy-wise, and help jolt the OBE memories back into place.
* Keep a journal handy and write impressions immediately.

Keep us posted re: your efforts!


22nd February 2006, 05:58 PM
I really appreciate the feedback everyone :) I learned a lot just from reading your responses. I will be sure to keep you informed of my progress.

I have noticed some things since I have started energy work/meditation and I really don't think they are just coincidence. As a child I was always able to visualize things very well but as I got older this ability just seemed to go away. Since I have been doing this I can now visualize things in my mind better then ever. I have found that I am able to read a lot faster. My overall thought process seems to be much quicker. I no longer experience that cloudy feeling in my mind I used to have.

I know that I am viewing things in a more positive light as of late and maybe this is a factor as well. In my most recent projection attempt I had a very strong warming/pressure feeling in my 3rd eye area and it just felt like a very large amount of energy was pulsing/flowing through. This was actually a great experience and I wonder exactly what it means.

I just have one question: What other things can I expect to experience as I further my meditation and energy work?

Thank you everyone for your continued support :)

22nd February 2006, 07:07 PM
You may experience an opening of awareness,lucid dreaming, episodes of precognitive abilities, remote viewing, sensitivity to 'energy' and sometimes sensitivity to vibrations (it's as best as I can describe it.) I'm sure there are other 'side effects' but these are the ones I have had, especially the remote viewing when I'm trying to OB.

5th June 2006, 07:03 PM
Hi everyone!

I've been attempting OBE's for the last few weeks and have experienced heavy vibrations running through my entire body and also flashes of purple/blue light while my eyes are closed. I've focused on increasing the vibrations to break free of my physical body by using the following imagery: a swinging rope, a rocking chair, a hammock swaying back and forth as well as imagining a tunnel with a light at the end and then trying to leave my body when reaching the light. I also tried floating imagery and visualizing that my body is just a shell which I "unzip" and then step outside to free my astral body.

Unfortunately, I haven't yet been successful although the vibrations are very strong and my hands are completely stiff (like rigor mortis is setting in) and I have a very strange taut look on my face afterwards with my eyes barely open--it was pretty scary when I looked in the mirror the last time. After such a session, I feel extremely tired but felt like I was close to inducing an OBE. The stiffness in my hands lasts a long time and they kinda trembled for about an hour when I tried to use the mouse or write something after the last time I attempted having an OBE.

I'd really appreciate any advice that some of you might have as to how to leave the body after the vibrations come. Also, is the extreme stiffness in hands and weird look on my face anything to be concerned about or perfectly normal?



5th June 2006, 07:13 PM
Well, this is something really simple, but will only work if you're completely paralyzed. Get up. If you start floating away, you're out, and if you get up normally (look back to make sure you didn't leave your body behind, though) If your physical body moves, then, you're not ready. This works for me when nothing else does.

5th June 2006, 07:44 PM
Hi CFTraveler,

Thanks for the super fast reply! Actually, I did try to do a "back flip" and jump up physically but I didn't break free. I could barely walk afterwards and it took me awhile to open up my hands after the last attempt. I can reach the vibration stage fairly easily but haven't managed to actually leave my physical body and feel really drained afterwards. Is there something else I should do at this stage or should I just remain "passive" and let things happen.

Over the last few years, I think that I've been out of my body a few times while dreaming--I woke up while my body was still paralyzed and felt/saw my body glowing a type of green aura. It was very scary and I felt that I had to get back to my body and I remember "re-entering" through my open mouth and then being suddenly back. These "spontaneous' OBE's convinced me of their reality and I've been working on inducing them while awake.



5th June 2006, 10:02 PM
Astralseeker wrote:
Is there something else I should do at this stage or should I just remain "passive" and let things happen. I don't recomment staying passive, but maybe if being agressive isn't working, then try 'riding the wave' of vibrations. In the past that has helped me.
I've been projecting for many (over 20) years, spontaneously and deliberately, and what always mystifies me is that sometimes it's terribly difficult to get out, sometimes ridiculously easy, and I have never been able to figure out what is the ingredient that is missing when I can't. I know that it's mostly mental (when I was suffering attacks I hardly ever projected) and sometimes energy problems (not enough) but really it seems to be more mental (at least to me) than other things.
About the only thing that I can recommend is to keep trying and keep doing your energy and recall work. Always try different kinds of exit methods, and the most important is to banish fear, and to do affirmations. These are to me extremely important for the 'less experienced' projector, and very important for the experienced projector.
If you think you are having recall problems (which is very possible) then use "I remember my projections" before bed every night for a week and tell me what happens.