View Full Version : New Wall Incident

1st April 2010, 06:46 AM

About 5 hrs prior my daughter and I were playing games on our computer in the basement. She made a trek to the bathroom that has a joining wall to our office.

I was happily waiting her return when she called out to me from the bathroom. I couldn't make out what she was saying but I knew she would tell me when she came back if it was anything important.

She appeared at the door with a puzzled expression. I was still in game mode so it didn't bother me. As she told me what just happened to her in the bathroom I'm sure my facial demeanor matched hers.

She stood up and checked her hair in our large oval mirror before coming out of the bathroom. It's about four feet off the floor and the top of it almost reaches the ceiling. She told me as she was doing this she saw a large black figure come out of the wall behind her going in her direction.

To do this the object had to be quite tall. In my mind I was thinking it was a black void in the shape of a human as many have reported seeing.

She then stated the image quickly fell to the floor as though it was surprised it couldn't maintain it's present altitude.

I'm thinking this 'object' is an inept clutz. I asked her how tall it was and she said she didn't know. Then I adamantly pressed for details. If she saw it how could she not estimate the height of it?

She said it looked like a giant slug. OK we're getting somewhere now. I'm imagining a slug standing vertical. High enough to be seen in our mirror but she said no to that vision.

Then she said it came out of the wall horizontally. That was thought for pause. I'm glad it fell.

:?: Oh, this wasn't the infamous bedroom wall located upstairs :?: