1. A Beautiful Boy

    I want to relate something that moved me.

    I have a lovely Year 8 class. They are of mixed abilities and, in my opinion, a perfect combination of personalities so that lessons are always productive and enjoyable. Even my students with ...
  2. Classic Paths of Yoga

    I was working on a yoga assignment today. There was a question that asked how Karma Yoga (work and service path), Gnana Yoga (knowledge and wisdom path) and Bhakti Yoga (Love and devotion path) could be interwoven. I had 100 words so I wrote from experience ...
  3. Carrying your Albatross

    It had been a tough couple of weeks and it was wonderful to be in my dear friend Gail’s home for a charity afternoon tea. A few people, to whom I’d been introduced and whose names I’d promptly forgotten, were there, mostly women around my age ...

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  4. The Boy who was and wasn't there.

    It’s my custom each morning to walk Bella, my dog, on a path through a small remnant forest conveniently located in the middle of our suburb. On Monday morning I was surprised by a bundle on one of the park benches that proved to be, as suspected, ...
  5. Dying in my dream.

    Dreams where I die, though relatively rare, are intriguing for me. I had one the night before last that leaves me with mixed feelings:

    I’m part of the K High community – I guess I work there but the dream is more

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