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  1. susan's Avatar
    This brought tears to my eyes . What a beautiful soul.
  2. ButterflyWoman's Avatar
    That's very nice!
  3. eyeoneblack's Avatar
    Guilt must be one of the most intractable emotions of all. I suppose it lies at the very bottom of low self-esteem. It feeds upon itself and is therefore self-perpetuating. However, for all that, I'm not sure it is Natural to the human psyche. IOW, I see that is learned, a product of nurture and not of nature.
    That we try to dispell it by confessing it, paying pentence, I think only encourages it. It's weird. I recently broke a front tooth and haven't had the ambition to get it fixed. It's really nothing but nevertheless I feel ashamed.
    We should not feel guilt for that, or say, a large mole or the like. This seems somewhat obvious, so why shouldn't our stumbling, bumbling actions be treated in the same way - without internalizing it into a picture of a pathetic self that haunts us ad infinitum?
    We see that guilt and blame are not the same things. If there is blame, and it is ours, there is no reason to pile a bunch of guilt on top it.
    I've been reading a large set of volumes about the American Civil War. General Lee of the Southern states remarks after the whole-sale blood letting of Gettysburg, a battle which did not go his way, that the fault of the miscarrige lies soley with him (some 50,000 dead and wounded). There is nothing to be said about his subsequent actions and character that would indicate a feeling of quilt. No confessions needing proferring and receiving.
    I don't know, Beek, just my unfinished thoughts.
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  6. Korpo's Avatar
    In reading another book I came upon Samuel Taylor Coleridge and since part of the book is made up, including the college in Cambridge it plays in, I kind of assumed both Coleridge and the Mariner were only part of the fiction. I'm a bit surprised to read about them here.

    Beyond that a very interesting read.
  7. psionickx's Avatar
    "half my plate is loaded with gravel. This causes me to become lucid".
    I think your'e very insightfully entuned to your lucid life or lives otherwise.
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