1. Relaxation is not an action

    There's a fallacy contained in the statement "I relax." Because relaxation is not something you put there. It is not brought in. It is not induced. It's in there.

    However, often we cannot "relax." This is not necessarily because we lack ...
  2. The Noble Eightfold Path

    I'd say many people think Buddhism is about meditation, and that meditation alone will lead to enlightenment. This leads to ideas that the only way to enlightenment is sitting in posture most of the day.

    One of the central teachings of ...

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  3. Many roads lead to Rome

    I finished a book on Goenka's method of doing Vipassana recently. I was doing good on the preliminary advice, my practice is proceeding well.

    When looking for that book I also noted the design of another book, even on Amazon. It had a ...
  4. Training the Mind Muscle

    After a long pause I've decided to return to a practice of meditation. I've been dedicating time to explore my body sensations every day, but I did not follow any guideline or sat for it. But just recently I felt drawn to the Vipassana tradition again, ...
  5. On Elementals, Part II

    If we move into the mystical, we can also say that none of the energy bodies described is truly you. You could say things like "I am not my thoughts." because at times you may be able to observe them from the outside. Who observes? But I like another ...
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