1. Many roads lead to Rome

    I finished a book on Goenka's method of doing Vipassana recently. I was doing good on the preliminary advice, my practice is proceeding well.

    When looking for that book I also noted the design of another book, even on Amazon. It had a ...
  2. The Power is in the Reaction

    Recently I've been made aware twice - by two independent sources - what a powerful role our reactions play.

    The first time was in a recent Charles session, where Charles emphasized the role of reaction in the reality creation process. ...
  3. Training the Mind Muscle

    After a long pause I've decided to return to a practice of meditation. I've been dedicating time to explore my body sensations every day, but I did not follow any guideline or sat for it. But just recently I felt drawn to the Vipassana tradition again, ...
  4. Learning the language of music

    When spending some time in a book store in Seattle airport, I found a fascinating little book called "The Music Lesson" (by Wooten). It describes how a young bass player with 20 years experience is radically transformed into a musician by a spiritual ...

    Updated 17th February 2012 at 10:18 PM by Korpo

    Tags: language, music
  5. Evolution and dying

    Recently I've come to believe even more that the NDE indeed poses one of the biggest challenges to a materialist worldview. As soon as we start digging deeper into it, several assumptions about the evolution of man come undone (or at least I would say ...

    Updated 24th February 2012 at 05:00 PM by Korpo

    Tags: dying, evolution, nde
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