1. Filtered Reality

    As I am reading "The Nature of the Psyche" by Jane Roberts/Seth, I am reminded of how strongly our perception of reality is filtered by our beliefs. They encrust the lens through which we perceive anything.

    One might think that observing ...
  2. How goodwill can shape reality

    This is a story that happened in my life, though I'll be a bit skimpy on details here and there. It is about a friend and co-worker. Him and I constituted a team of sorts, or rather the remnants of one. After prolonging his contract as a freelancer, ...
    Tags: goodwill
  3. On Soul Age

    One term that might be the biggest misnomer of them all is "soul age." You can find the term for example in the "Michael Teachings" (an entity channeled by many individuals). The term "age" is meant to infer the wisdom that's supposed to come with greater ...

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  4. On Elementals, Part IV

    Another interesting angle to look at when dealing with elementals is the actual nature of energetic blocks preventing flow within them.

    Again, I'm kind of unclear what this could be in the etheric, though in the past I encountered early ...
  5. Keeping up with time

    There's a song that I really like, it has strong lyrics and I can really get into it. It's "Time" by Pink Floyd:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pink Floyd
    Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
    And you are young and life is long and there is time

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    Tags: regret, time
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