1. Challenges challenged (the way they supposed to be)

    A breakthrough.

    Focusing on clarity (clear mind), creativity (spirit) and quality (spirit, as well) brought me to a totally new level of possibilites in life.

    I mean, having (fighting for) clear idea before taking action, facing ...
  2. What if - your life story

    Typical things that people care in their life about are not that many in number. This is where they put their life energy and effort into.

    Some people focus on what they have: posessions, house, garden, car...

    Some people put ...
  3. Life and choosing alternatives - with I-Ching

    I have recently some inner urge or insist to make some life choices, life creation. I'm resisting it as always, because I'm always afraid that if I choose one way, then I loose another one.

    In astrology the placement of Saturn is about to ...
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