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    my magical space 'came-on-line' activated boxing day 2016

    when i went in to my kitchen , the bird display seen through my kitchen window, in the garden / trees, i had never ever seen before.... it was a HUGE SIM WELCOME of BIRDS in creative poses EVERYwhere

    xxWOW !xX...

    We have a nice Life - David Bowie

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    Hi ia,

    This particular doctor seemed to know about the fact that the 'chemical imbalance theory' had been disproved (shown to be not true) and he was in agreement with the facts that i showed him.

    His view was that there are many factors & that although a chemical imbalance might be present in some, it was only a 'small part of a much bigger issue'

    So he didn't really have definitive answer, but did agree with the information i presented him with being 'correct' & a more 'truthful view' of how things are

    i'll see if i can locate the info. i shared with him, if i find it , i'll come back & comment & give the link
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    The Bi-polar Education programme was really very beneficial & i enjoyed partaking of it. The psychiatric nurse who ran the course was really awesome, making the workshop the best it could be, also meeting others with a bi-polar diagnosis was really interesting & enlightening, it was a great group of people.

    The major MOST interesting, enlightening & impressive information i got from the course was from the psychiatric doctor who joined the workshop for a couple of weeks.

    i explained that i had recently read an article (that someone here in the AD forum had linked) that stated the 'chemical imbalance' theory had now been dis-proven. The Doctor asked for me to bring the info. into the workshop for him & i did.

    The doctor agreed with the information saying he himself didn't work to this premise any longer, but that the 'system' itself still did, hence the fact that the workshop information was still (wrongly) labelling the bi-polar condition as being caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain
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    Quote Originally Posted by GRANT
    Have you had visit from Faerys?
    Not that i have been aware of, i do sense things at times, but have not seen a faery that i recognised as a fairy
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    Quote Originally Posted by GRANT
    I have a magical space. I call it my Faery Garden. Its more of an Alleyway.
    I had a very nice Faery Garden where I used to live. I am trying to make my new one very attracting.
    Hi Grant, only just found your comments.

    My garden has the potential to be amazing, it's truly beautiful now, but it's very wild & somewhat neglected still at the present time
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    On this mornings quarry walk, my vision of 'seeing' chi/ subtle energy was the clearest it's ever been.

    More clear than my experience, i write about here, i believe this was because i myself was more 'grounded' ....i was in a more 'ordinary, 'normal' /common 'space' and the chi could only be seen if i paid attention to it, rather than it being all consuming & constantly in my vision.

    It was 6am ish and quite darkish /dusk. i could see the same energy pattern as before and also other combinations of patterns, at one point looking towards the ground i saw a longish narrow vortex leaving my body, just blow my stomach, between 2nd & 3 chakra, at the time i thought 'oh chakra !' but now i'm wondering if this was a 'vision' of something else.

    in 2010 i went through a very difficult processing phase where i thought i was dying (again!) i had the 'sense' / feeling of this huge votex (in the same place on my body) that made me feel so ill ...... it felt like what i can only describe as a 'death tunnel'

    i don't know if energies were entering or leaving me, or if it was just the connection to this vortex that i was feeling...

    i eventually needed 'others help' (hospital) to help me end that phase & i also used small amounts of meds. with comforting / relieving effectiveness then too.

    The long narrow vortex i noticed (was shown) this morning, could i suppose be best described as looking like a chord or a type of connecting tube...

    Interesting.... Last !

    also saw the colour green in a horseshoe shape on the chest of a blk & wht cat ! .... how cool ! x
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