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  1. Astral-Suit's Avatar
    Thanks a lot Robert, That info really helped a lot, I will take your advice the next time I have a successful OBE.
  2. Robert Bruce's Avatar
    Well done!

    This OBE clearly illustrates a message I have been teaching for many years.

    Keep OBE very, very very short....10 seconds out and then deliberately dive back into your body passionately shouting your key words. This formula maximizes your chances of recalling OBE. Then, extend your time out of body a bit at a time, 20 seconds, then 30, and so on. And if you get to a point where you start losing OBE memories, shorten time out until you start remembering.

    Here, you projected out of body into Real Time, and then thought about returning to your body. This is enough to 'command' a return. You were also thinking about something, about whether or not you could return to your body by thinking about it (yes) and having this thought in mind helped you to remember, simply because you had a thought in mind when you returned to your body. Often, we glaze over during OBE and are not really thinking, just taking in the view, which does not help if an OBE suddenly ends. No thought in mind = difficulty accessing OBE memory.

    In future, when you get out of body, keep your mind 'off' your physical body and move at least 20ft (5m) away. This will ease the 'magnetic' pressure to return.

    But always keep it short and extend time out incrementally. Your astral body cannot wear a watch, so you'll have to guess.

    Without the memory of an OBE, it never happened....even if it did.

    take care, robert

    ps, I don't often comment on posts but this caught my eye over coffee this morning.
  3. Astral-Suit's Avatar
    Thank you, for the comment it is greatly appreciated. I have been trying to do it this way for four weeks huehuehue. Then on that day it worked! Persistence really does pay off in anything you do huehuehue.
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