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  1. Daily routine For raising Kundalini

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Bruce View Post
    The recommended exercises are as given in the kundalini raising session. Doing energy work on hands, feet, legs, arms, spine, central channel, and then the chakras.

    I strongly recommend you get a copy of my book, Energy Work, and work through
  2. Who is KristinaKarina

    “Who am I anyway”…

    The first account that I can remember of any significance was when I was born. I remember my birth mother, and I remem
    ber being separated from her at the Edna Gladney Home in Fort Worth Texas. I had a dream ...
  3. Manual de Manifestación- Parte II

    Segunda Parte- Pasos de Manifestación
    Seguimos a la Manifestación

    Ahora estamos listos para la manifestación. Es bueno realizar que la manifestación es lo que se supone que hagamos- estamos aquí para manifestar nuestra realidad. ...
  4. Manual de Manifestación- Parte I

    Manual de Manifestación por Coralie.
    Derechos Reservados 2011 por Coralie S. Ferrandiz
    Solo se pueden citar partes de este artículo si se incluye un enlace a este original.

    Este manual ha aparecido en varios websites que fueron ...
  5. I'm having some issues with inducing trance

    Quote Originally Posted by SoulSail View Post
    Also, I recommend you put your focus on the back of your eyelids. That black space, when given adequate, stable attention will slowly begin to come alive with colors, patterns, scenes and all manner of things. You can get a "temperature" on how deep
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