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  1. Approaching the Grail

    I found a parellel lately, between one of Kurt's ACs and a work of art, an opera by Wagner.

    The AC in question is Hospital for Diseased Beliefs. It describes how Kurt undergoes a procedure which involves him being moved closer to Source ...
  2. My Hermetics Diary

    It's obviously not from the beginning, but I think I'm going to post some thoughts about some things that I'm experiencing.
    I was up to Step Six in IIH, but found a problem when working with Akasha- It seems like every time I start visualizing ...

    Updated 4th March 2012 at 04:59 PM by CFTraveler

  3. Many roads lead to Rome

    I finished a book on Goenka's method of doing Vipassana recently. I was doing good on the preliminary advice, my practice is proceeding well.

    When looking for that book I also noted the design of another book, even on Amazon. It had a ...
  4. The Power is in the Reaction

    Recently I've been made aware twice - by two independent sources - what a powerful role our reactions play.

    The first time was in a recent Charles session, where Charles emphasized the role of reaction in the reality creation process. ...
  5. Training the Mind Muscle

    After a long pause I've decided to return to a practice of meditation. I've been dedicating time to explore my body sensations every day, but I did not follow any guideline or sat for it. But just recently I felt drawn to the Vipassana tradition again, ...
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