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  1. Nana and Tracey

    by , 5th October 2011 at 12:10 PM (Gemma's Weird & Wonderful Dream Recall Journal)
    This is the first time since creating this blog that I've been able to recall any kind of dream memory.

    Anyway, I remember being in Nana's place. She is deceased in waking life, but in the dream she was living in a similar kind of property ...

    Updated 7th October 2011 at 08:00 AM by Gemma

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    Regular Dreams
  2. Signs and synchronicity – Part III – Reality co-creation

    During our phone interview, the bookstore manager asked me if I had a place to stay yet, for she was used to hiring foreign workers and knew it was really not easy to find an apartment at a reasonable price in Paris. I sait it was fine. Indeed, my loved ...
  3. Signs and synchronicity – Part II – Going with the flow

    As I was about to start working on this text, I was pleasantly surprised to read on the forum this quite interesting thread about manifestation in the physical :
    [URL=""][/URL][I][URL][/URL][/I] ...
  4. Dreams need interpretation

    In a recent post I made the point that even what we refer to as "regular dreams" is in the dream language, so in a sense most of our dream time is also an energetic language learning session. The most important tool for doing so is after-the-fact interpretation. ...
  5. Two kinds of knowing

    What we know conceptually is not the same as having understood something directly and energetically. The difference becomes apparent when trying to interpret dreams and experiences.

    Often dreams seem to be heavily coded, sometimes to an ...
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