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  1. Kundalini?

    Hi all, I'm new here. I have some questions to ask. I was searching for a site of like minded people who will understand what I'm saying. I think I found you! I am not religious, I sit more comfortably with the notion of a higher power of consciousness. ...
  2. January 2021, por Coralie

    Lo que he aprendido en estos d├♥as
    La separaci├│n forzada de la otra v├♥a de comunicaci├│n me ha cambiado- casi instant├íneamente- y me ha hecho reflexionar sobre mi vida dentro del contexto espiritual.
    Para aclarar, he vivido una gran cantidad ...
    Tags: desvelo
  3. January 2021

    It's been forever since I've written on my blog. As it happens for most people, 2020 was horrendous, and I have hopes that the bad stuff is over and what is happening now is mopping up of bad energy and removing it. Interestingly, in Chinese astrology, ...
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