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  1. My experiences - The phantom hand

    3 March 2014

    This was completely involuntary, I wasn't prepared nor expecting such event. Here's what happened:

    It was a quiet night. Went to bed and reached the third stage of sleep some minutes after. It is correct ...
  2. My experiences - A premature beginning?

    21 February 2014

    Something strange happened to me that night when I went to rest. I was on my bed, and instead of sleeping, I started to focus my mind without any second intentions. I don’t have any health or mental conditions, but for
  3. My experiences - Introduction

    Hi, and welcome to my blog!

    Here I'll be posting my experiences regarding OBE's. Other stuff might be posted either, but I'll dedicate this space mainly to my experiences.

    My exercises include the ones advised ...
  4. Psychic Improvement Blog 1

    Since I'm surprised to see that I've been improving in my goal of an OBE, I've decided to start keeping a log of progress. I plan to post a blog each time something significant happens. It's funny because, as a skeptic, I didn't believe I would make ...
  5. Traduccion del Tratado de Proyeccion Astral Parte 1 seccion C

    El Sueño Lúcido

    Es cuando uno se vuelve consciente de que está soñando durante un sueño. O toma algún tipo de control consciente durante el desarrollo del sueño, o convierten la experiencia en una proyección astral. El sueño ...
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